Bout Whatever (prod by NicoTheProducer)
Hip Hop
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A beautiful smooth jazz piece written by Tesha Blue of the Tascam Forums. Electric guitar is by Tim Cox
artist: Evan Paul
title: Ripples
CD: "Spirits in the Sky" "We see them in the water, we feel them in our lives". Classical guitars with 12 str
Love this song. Hope you like my version....With my new oil painting called 'Heaven's Garden' www.moorethanart
title: N'ICELAND
A tribute to Fridrik Karlsson's 2000 smooth jazz hit!
Smooth, but syncopated piece with Electro-Percussive & Fretless Bass foundation under expanding ethereal Synth
artist: Cosmos II
Invitation to someone to live with you. From the point of view of either a lover or a home. The song would eve
artist: Tony Delgado
title: Visalia
Smooth Jazz track featuring Saxophonist Ronnie Crumbly
title: Prisoner
Soft, Club-Jazzy song with Augusto's brand-new (& amazing) Mason Bari Sax. A song for our new album: enjoy thi
This is the opening track of our CD, WORMHOLE. It propells the listener through space.
Winner of Best Female Solo Artist at the 2006 International Online Music Awards, Melissa Forbes' soulful voice
title: Buoyancy
(c) Syntopia Music 2010
artist: Clear Soul
title: 18th street
The vocals are real smooth comming from half chinese half japanese vocalist lisa ling hsia huang. lisa and th
artist: lucidology
Weber Iago~Keys, Kim Stone~Bass, Mike Shannon~Drums, John Nava~Percussion, Joseph Lucido~Guitar mixed with Syn
artist: jsf
title: Sweet Summer
Chill guitar
A song dedicated to my wife, Liz who makes each day beautiful.
artist: Aljot
Dla Kubusia, ktory swobodnie biega po psim niebie.
More material from the UK band HEPBURN, Julie on Vocal and all other instruments Mark.
Adventurous Smooth Jazz cut with New Age Textures. Electric Latin percussion & 8-String Fretless Bass drive. A
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New School
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Rooney Tunes
Jazz General
"Michelle - buy here or @"
Rooney Tunes is a refreshing and sophisticated fusion of JazzRockPop. Enjoy!
Keith Mitchell
Jazz Fusion
"Trouble Is"
Upbeat Fusion Blended Funk
a life of a music major pt.2: We used my reel to reel tape recorder and some mediocre mics to record our rehearsals for our own scrutiny. About three weeks before we were to do our dissertation, we received a notice that our day for playing was moved up a week because the professor evaluating us wasn’t going to be available for our scheduled performance. We weren’t ready to play a complicated one hour composition quite yet and the extra week may have helped a lot to have it ready. The professor who was going to evaluate us was brutal and we needed all the time we could get. I ended up taking time off from work to rehear...
let it float: let your soul grow, it`s good to go out into the wilde . sometimes i like to see only one time this Mountain lake, only one time again !!!
My Daily Guitar Practice Routine and Philosophy: My lifelong goal has been to master the guitar and to improvise and explore new areas and especially to avoid repeating my self or what Larry Coryell calls 'finger patterns'. My 3 parts in practicing consist of: 1. Rudiments - Technical maintenance and expansion including chords. 2. Expansion exercises I wrote for myself. 3. Exploration & conceptual improvisational exhaustion. Mostly I improvise to the Jamie Aeborsold play to records starting medium tempo. Also on my exercises I start with 3 note studies (double not exercises) without the use of the metronome (and breaking up ...
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