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artist: Markku
title: free fall
free form jazz with electric guitar, piano, drums and string bass.
title: G/SP #2
A sweeping dreamscape with Gary Skopick on lead, Dave Goode playing drums, and Mike Cowden's killer basslines.
title: Java Jam
Expresso Beans and the Native American Flute. Brew a nice punchy tune.
artist: Graham's Cat
title: Spring Bee
Jazzy acoustic groove with Mellotron Strings.
artist: Ed Drury
10 Sided Circle by Mike Milillo. Ed Drury guest on guitar.
artist: Ascenzion
An additional track from my jazz lite funk container, featuring Alto sax and hammond B3 organ. "Just like I ke
Frank Fish :Vocals; Mick Clack: Guitars, bass, keys; Dale Marshall: Drums. Mindock music!!!
artist: John DeBoer
Gifts are very important to Native people and all people. There is as much fun in the giving as the receiving.
title: You are
Feel good lounge music. Toe tapping stuff featuring an array of live instruments including xylophone and piano
A Cool Free Jazz song to get us through the Hot Dog Days of Summer....With Bass, Drums, Piano, Vibes Backing a
artist: Loren
title: Protraction
ambient jazz with electronic choir, acoustic bass, ballad piano, alien piano, african drums
title: Love Again
love that would be, that goes on and is resolved only in the beauty of the other, the yearned for
I set to a cool ambient tone and recorded an improv. I do these every so often but I liked this one so I thoug
A song dedicated to Soundclick for 10 years of great service to the music community of the world. A bevy
title: Aspireisong
una cancion dedicada a la inspiracion'nasal' la compusimos Ana y yo una noche de insparacion y musica en el l
Free piano improvisation by Marcos Oliva.
artist: Rooney Tunes
A gentleman sees a beautiful woman in a pink leather jumpsuit and proceeds to daydream. Mike Rooney- piano, v
artist: Saturn Jazz
title: Blue
Slower Blues based song with crazy sexy guitar solos and crazy sexy bass and drums.
artist: GURZUNZ
A variation on 'Depression Meter in the Red' - this 10 minute GURZUNZ instrumental features Paul Gibbon on pia
artist: WSV
You'll know what th' title is about when you listen to this song!
An experimental recording that captures something of the chaotic experience of wondering through the music bui
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Rooney Tunes
Jazz General
"Michelle - buy here or @ rooneytunesmusic.com"
Rooney Tunes is a refreshing and sophisticated fusion of JazzRockPop. Enjoy!
Keith Mitchell
Jazz Fusion
"Trouble Is"
Upbeat Fusion Blended Funk
tom king
Get your Music and others on Twitter: Hi,I've been on Twitter for awhile and I've been putting my songs and songs from other Soundclick Artist on Twitter just another way to get people to listen to your Music.now If we all get on Twitter we can reach a whole lot more people..I always play other Artist songs from Soundclick,because I care.We are Family here don't forget that.Some artist on here only care about their music,so sad.More people will come to your site to hear more and you'll notice the change I assure you.So lets hit Twitter with our songs,can't go wrong...Tom King...
Captain SolarAngel
The Battle of le Grand Massif Central 20.12.A.D. Chaptyer 27: Chapter 27 Visual optics and Theostics region fibre optics and the effect of the projections of the designer skylines of a planet or various planets by the people of these planets in their attempt to bring the people of Earths attention to their “areas of understanding” as they say . The above paragraph literally explains why our skies are as they , this is continued from the last chapters heading; The machines these extra-Terrestrials use do exactly as written in this above paragraph, to the degree that the meta-concert effect of our collective civilization boosted by people like myself ...
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