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Guitar Player Magazine Award Winning Song. #1 on SoundClick.com's Jazz Fusion Chart.
artist: Ed Drury
Strange days have found us here in the middle of debates, football and the world series. This jazzy little num
REAL SURREAL is a tribute song to the life (1956-2013) & music of Dejan Kostic of former Yugoslavia who was t
artist: Mhdb
Absurd German text: approximate English translation, Sept. 2012
artist: spinaceto
title: QUINCY
Just a simple piano loop at begin, at the end an "edging" Jazz improvisation.
title: Acid Wash
More twists and turns than a washing machine thanks to a cool OASYS KARMA groove replete with tricky waveseque
A short, funky jam with dual basses, drums, and keyboards. Very busy... I had fun writing this.
instrumental song with maxime le royer on the bass and vincent depollier on dejer... with a good guitar solo
artist: Maurizio
title: Matanzas
2 guitars and a shaker. Laid back. Some lead runs that are kinda cool.
artist: Ganjazz
title: The Lie
Electro Jazz
Sparkling production and stunning nu-jazz arrangement and playing by Moogybase in this sweet and spicy funky l
artist: Rich Russom
An Electronic Classical Blues/Jazz Instrumental Rant! This song is dedicated to all of those who suffer from t
title: JamFX
GuitarPro writing, recorded with Logic, drum with Battery4, Boss Gt001 guitar effects.
title: Summer House
Calm but rhythmic track
title: Timeless
Modern Jazz - Chill
artist: Ascenzion
Taiko drums provided the inspiration and the foundation for this rhythmical track
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Rooney Tunes
Jazz General
"Michelle - buy here or @ rooneytunesmusic.com"
Rooney Tunes is a refreshing and sophisticated fusion of JazzRockPop. Enjoy!
Keith Mitchell
Jazz Fusion
"Missin' You"
Melodic with a Sprinkling of Funk
Felix Langford
thought of the day...It's time to get out of the cage!!!: Can I live "my life" ? I just want to know why some of us feel the need to express our opinion of others "voluntarily". If god wanted you to think for me, this would be your mind, body and soul!!! right? I can think for myself.
tom king
Wheres The Love: Hey Soundclick Fans. Not long ago I remember all the love on here.Artist commenting on your songs and just stopping by to say hello.Well here lately there's been few and few contacts.Artist you know just don't get Involved anymore.Remember I said "stick together". I hardly try anymore because It seems so useless now.I thought this was a great Family here on Soundclick but now It's so sad we are not Involved like we were.Please,lets get back to basics and enjoy everyones Music here on Coundclick. Tom King...
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