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artist: spinaceto
Track by Martin Phillips, my interpretation playing lead guitar over it. Thanks to Martin!! :) :)
artist: Joe Hill
Valentine's gift for my wife 2014
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title: Jazzy Nights
Something new,will be on new cd out in month,check out my tunes at iTunes,,add me as friends over here at soun
artist: John Catney
My idea of life for a young girl who does to hollywood looking for fame only to end up 6 months later working
Features the Status Grahphite S2 Classic 5 string bass.
artist: Freddy J
Plan for tomorrow but don't forget to live in today!
title: New Calm
Just me doing a slow jam on a rhodes keyboard sound and my strat.
title: Such Is Life
Life has its up and downs and you really don't know why
title: Finally
Composed by Kwame, lead guitarist of "For The Moment" Kwame, Billy, Darius, Moe & Robert
title: Stand Pat
A smooth jazz groove with Patrick Poulou
title: Spring
song came from a mood a few winters ago waiting on Spring to show up. Need to write some words.
artist: RedStrat
A song that was inspired by the warm weather.. Sounds great with a cup of cappuccino.
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Rooney Tunes
Jazz General
"Michelle - buy here or @ rooneytunesmusic.com"
Rooney Tunes is a refreshing and sophisticated fusion of JazzRockPop. Enjoy!
Keith Mitchell
Jazz Fusion
"Forever Yours"
A relaxed paced ballad
3 Very Different festivals: A MONTH O' THREE FESTIVALS..... PUNK....FOLKIE...And ARTY! August has been a month of Festivals every weekends and three Very Different Festivals, being a 52 year old Punk Vet and Man of Many hats You wont find me booked onto any mainstream festival with... the Ting Tings and CCS and The Kaiser Cheifs because I am not a sexy Young Thing riding the Crest of a wave of Nu Rave or Suburban Ska rap or like the Verve Bog Standard Re-cycled Anthemic Rock PAP..... The Last Wave I rode the Crest of was New Wave.... Booking JC Carroll and or JC and and the Disciples is more specialised thing and tha...
Solid E
All I Wanna' Do Is You: our kitchen is a mess I couldn't care less it's Saturday I need quality time our yard needs mowin' let that grass keep growin' let's unplug the phone let's pour some wine all I wanna' do all I wanna' do today all I wanna do is you over and over and over again all I wanna' do is you that reservation at nine we can do some other time it's cold outside and you're nice and warm I propose a toast to the one I love most here's to forever in your arms (repeat chorus) moments like this bring joy to your life moments like this should last for all time (repeat chorus)...
Recording Studio in Bridgeport .....: Q-UP Studios in Bpt has been up & running for over 15 years on Wood Ave and has recorded more artist then any studio in area. 203 366-6382 Call anytime ... rates are ONLY $40 per hour and go down with each hour added ! ! ! Steve
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