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For the sheer joy of it all. Dedicated to the fabulous Steve Gilmore.
artist: Acubavix
I want vocals to this, but I'll need a professional studio so the sound quality won't suck.
artist: Vibemaster B
title: Pumpin
Trancy Hardcore from the Vibemaster B. Please check latest track 'Virtual Synthetica'
My platform for my,other versions.(RaveMasters House Of Fog,And The Bass violin bow solos intro (A Prayer In T
We all just just want to understand one another. Somethings never change but, We should always push harder and
Remix of "In a New World" - now with a different drum groove and sounds.
Vocal DJ Tasha Cockney accent Fun Track kicks into a dance track later! This track is for ALL you ladies out t
artist: dj kuromi
Just a remix of one of my favorite songs. Made it especially for my brother, Takshie ^-^
Nothing to live for but Hardcore
artist: Contraption
Although I liked the original 'Enjoy this Feeling!' I thought it could be done better so here's the result! En
artist: evilnos
I know you have seen them, those crazy flash Animations that have like hundreds of deaths in them, carnage, to
artist: dja (UK)
title: Saltshaker
Bouncy and uplifting uk hardcore track with a slight old school flavour, featuring vocals from the film "Fear
New School
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"clone me now"
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"Right About Now"
**2nd SONG FOR January 2018**Positive High Energy Original Electronic Dance Music. Male Vocals.
Concert "Music of the Celestial Spheres" - full Video | 20 08 2010: Concert "Music of the Celestial Spheres" - full Video | 20 08 2010 Dear Friends, my concert "Music of the Celestial Spheres" was successfully held on 20 August 2010. Audio recording of the concert has already been published here a little earlier. Now I want to offer you the full video.
01. Lonely Sphinx 02. Milky Way 03. Dissolving in the Dusk 04. Towards the Light 05. Autumn bonfire 06. Road to the SpaceDrom 07. Fey 08. Astroprotector 09. Trailblazer 10. Requiem for Dream 11. Delta de Cassiopeia 12. Letting out the Bird 13. Sea Dawn 14...
Andrew Mitchell
All go from here: Just done a sound check in the Custom House were am DJing Saturday 8th May and it was amazing 10 out of 10 so see you there for a loud night.
Crystal Visions: The Poet's Lament: The lights are off, The house is still, I'm headed off to bed. The blanket's soft, The pillow's deep, Soon dreams will fill my head. But first there comes A tip-toeing A teasing little rhyme. A single word Resolves itself With meter and with time. Oh Pox! I snarl, Oh go away! Why is it every night, That just as soon As I settle down I get the urge to write? I get back up, Turn on the lights And sit down at my desk. The words which filled My thoughts and mind, Now laugh at me in jest. My mind's gone blank! I've lost it all! I stare...
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