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artist: Artie Q
Fleeing The Land Of The Dream Stealer: A musical journey
artist: Alex Cooper
The #1 song "Take Me To The Sun"!!!!
german-italo-euro dance influenced track, w vocals, well sort of...
DRUMS ... Regal , Synths...I was inspired to write this when I went to Egypt when I saw the mummy of Tutankham
(c) Syntopia 2012
artist: Bispatial
This is another demo version; the album mix will probably be considerably different (and the vocals will also
artist: wedlock
A song about the ease in which leaders can send people out into foreign lands and the ones doing the killing h
artist: Eurotrance
Great song.......
artist: EuroFrog
Nice Euro-techno.. Placed 1st in a streaming music competition @ Birdie Lan, Sweden
artist: Dj Disturb
Cheesy eurotrance!! supersawleads, pianos and other cool stuff...going kind of same line with "Behind the Drea
artist: VALLESCA
Great eurodance song..Produced by Iris Deejay/Spain...Lyrics by Vallesca
artist: TONY BURE
This song is inspired by the bigger planet of the solar system
artist: Reaction 7
title: Yes Oh Tu
Yes Oh Tu from the Pierce album by Very Generic Productions recording artists Reaction 7
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Swiss Frankie
Instrumentals :: Pop
Instant & Mobile Users - www.swissfrankie.NET | Questions? Email: SwissFrankieBeats@gmail.com | Desktop Version - www.swissfrankie.COM | Purchase any 3 HQ Untagged Leases for $49,99 only || Premium Lease - $74,99 || Unlimited License - $199,99
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end of contracts
"clone me now"
feeling low? -go lower
"Ill Be Yours (Youll Be Mine)"
** BRAND NEW SONG FOR AugustSeptember 2017** Upbeat Original Electronic Dance Music *Male Vocals with Lyrics* A Parable of Love.
ionosonde recordings
future plans and projects/miscellaneous: Coming to you from the economic black-hole of America better known as Detroit. One of the great things about being single and living in a city where your chances of meeting a compatible mate is as good as McDonald's switching to a vegetarian menu; is that you can do anything you want and have the great feeling of anonymity. This weekend I will do just that, because Detroit will host the Detroit Electronic Music Festival(DEMF). Yes grab your best dancing shoes, not the ones in the dusty corner of your closet, but the ones on the living-room bookcase. You know, in the solid gold box. Anyways, I'...
MAGNETIC WORLD: And she left this great legacy… she put all her dreams in binary format She went away and I leave floating a mountain of dreams in the immensity of ciber world (You appeared in my window, perfectly delineated and you captured my attention very instantaneously….) The haker was enchanted. He have rediscovered... The haker now is rich...
Chuck Shepherd
Children of Light Uploaded 1/21/07: I have just uploaded "Children of Light" which is one of my earlier works, composed entirely on synthesizers. COL maintained #1 in Electronica for almost one month earlier last year, and remained #1 in Ambient Electronica for a while longer. I am currently remastering the entire CD for sale here on Soundclick. These recordings were made back in 1994 on vintage synthesizers...the days when an electronic studio took up an entire room lol! I had 15 synthesizers at that time, and though they are now all obsolete, they carry the classic analog sound. All but one of the synths were analog. The othe...
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