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title: Camilla
"She walks in beauty, like the night." John Pfeifer-- vocals, ghostly guitar, music/lyrics; Matthew Scott-
artist: boris
title: Cominatchaa
Someone is always watching your every move!!!!!!
artist: Ropatt
title: Unseen Storm
EDM meets Hip Hop.
artist: Rapshowcz
title: HardCore
Now you're listening to a song from the album: Free music: Volume 3. The whole album is available completely
artist: EatMe
http://eatme.pro/music - free download .flac & 320k .mp3
artist: Karmabend
Collaboration with electronic artist Nova: https://soundcloud.com/sebastien-nova
title: Love Maybe
Some percussion loops that I'd made combined with other sounds run through Sonar's DropZone sampler. Vocal so
artist: sayr
Please do not record my music and distribute it. It is made with love and these are rough versions. This is
Just an instrumental impression of mega city Lagos
Inspired by a trip to the upper astral realms.
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Swiss Frankie
Instrumentals :: Smooth
Instant & Mobile Users - www.swissfrankie.NET | Questions? Email: SwissFrankieBeats@gmail.com | Desktop Version - www.swissfrankie.COM | Purchase any 3 HQ Untagged Leases for $49,99 only || Premium Lease - $74,99 || Unlimited License - $199,99
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end of contracts
"clone me now"
feeling low? -go lower
** BRAND NEW SONG FOR OctoberNovember 2017** This time it's High Energy Original Electronic Dance Music.
Wow this is totally becoming a huge article: This is part 3 - yes, part 3 - of me recapping a SINGLE COMMERCIAL and pointing out all the dense stupidity in this thing. It's not an easy job, because thanks to the power of editing in images that go by so fast they only last one frame, you can pack in as much ignorance as possible! At the end of the last episode, I made the connection to one Chuck Bartowski, who will remember every single image in this commercial and be able to translate them into a detailed account of espionage. And he also knows kung-fu now, apparently. Awesome show. Anyways, before reading this, read the other entri...
HERE I AM: Curious to see how can i earn doin' this kind of promotion for my music...Was before into major or high indie labels...Last midem told us, musicians that imndipendent behaviour is da future then i try
crazy ole me: who ever made up the word school should be killed. i sat at the comp and got into deep thought thinking about school.....just letting that word roll off my tongue makes me want to vomit....well maybe im exxagerating, i just dont like school...newayzz. If u sound the word out its really quite retarded, school, scroll, skool, uuugh i hate it. mainly because i dont like school but thats my opinion, im writing this blog to express my feelings not to get opinions from people who i could care less about. my teacher hates that when i write my name on my papers i use gothic letters instead of regular ...
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