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artist: DJ Kiwi
title: Atheist
Full Version available here: http://bit.ly/2fyjDxk
A song by the single CD"Floating Dreams Love Endlessly Through Time"At hand in any days on iTunes! Richi.h.ar
artist: ALIENXSS
[DEMO] This Demo song shows a very small snippets of almost all Alienxss songs available here. It's not a com
artist: Ganimead
Recorded live in Hong Kong
artist: Osnoff
title: Via Electron
Bzzzzzz...ttt ttt ttt ttt t ttt ttt ttt t ttt t etc, etc, etc...
artist: Alex Cooper
Making ripples through the world with a computer.
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artist: DJ Ano
As usual, I could not let Halloween go by without bringing that extra something to the table that only Dj Ano
artist: Europica
title: Mumbai
A Psy version/variation of my Bhangra tune "Bombay Boogie".
artist: ikonoki
the sorrow of hearts is from 'tierre natae'.
Sometimes you realize that all limits are far behind and time can slow down. In such moments you can hear your
uplifting euphoric trance, progressive anthem
Feelgood Trance inspired by Ibiza
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end of contracts
"clone me now"
feeling low? -go lower
"Hearts Beat As One"
**NEW SONG FOR February 2018** "Hearts Beat As One" Positive Emotional Original Electronic Dance Music. Male Vocals.
Alter Orbis: new song: "OTRO MUNDO"(Another World) gender electronic, ambient, alternative. Is a mosaic of monophonic, and musical exercises. listen HIOPNOTERAPIA: "Santo" "Orchidea Fragans", "Elektra" and "Otro Mundo"
NEW SONG: Hey people i have a new song on my soundclick music page (you can click on the link to the left) -- its called "Broken Symmetry" and its the first thing I'm putting out from a new collection (finally done with "Many are Called"!!!!!). Let me know what you think please, thanks & luv to all.
Upload Frustrations: For those of you who are wondering, Twenty-9 was in fact finished on my 29th birthday (April 19th). Unfortunately due to internet problems here in Iraq, I haven't had much luck uploading files. Finalized tracks that I've managed to upload so far read 'Release Edit' in their descriptions. Also, I have a package with all the tracks encoded at 320bps ready for upload. The file is 100+ megs. Does it sound better than the versions here on soundclick.com? I think so. Anyway, I hope I can come up with a solution soon to this problem soon. Cheers!...
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