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Digitally created vocals using dragonspeak and royalty free samples
artist: DJ Kiwi
title: Black Cell
Techno - Dark, like my soul.
artist: xMxx
title: kKi (v0x)
This was an experiment also, with ravey type shit and sampling...
artist: Klaatu (CT)
We Wish You a Merry Christmas" is a popular sixteenth-century English carol from the West Country of England.T
tryng some new sh** .....
artist: Art Bits
title: Techtonic
Techno / Rock
artist: DJ Fisring
Jeff Dunham - Achmed the Dead Terrorist
artist: Audio Prone
An electronica beat i've created for the dedication to Soundclick website.
artist: DJ - Tony K
title: Pathogen
Hype! If theres another song title as the same, i'll change it.
artist: Bulb
Another weird electronic song i stumbled upon recently, i wrote this a couple years ago and i have to say, i m
This Song Is Featured On Red Night Records Release - Electronic Surge Vol 1. Wreckless Beats - Control Ring Pu
artist: Smidi Beats
title: Tech Yeah
Download this Hot "Nonexclusive" "Royalty Free" Smidi Beat for $1.00. Contact for more info
artist: D E Farmer
This song took a while to put together, but was so much fun!
artist: StarlinK
Another mix, used for StepMania. (original song by Dj Satomi)
artist: sietzsounds
title: Darkside
a dark trancy housy techno track with vocoder Credits: written produced recorded mixed & vocals by Matt Sietz
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end of contracts
"clone me now"
feeling low? -go lower
** BRAND NEW SONG FOR OctoberNovember 2017** This time it's High Energy Original Electronic Dance Music.
dj muzikal
Class of 2007: Class of 2007 mixed by DJ Muzik-AL 'Class of 2007' and was mixed for a pre-club party for the students of Brighton & Hove, UK. Its 78mins long and contains 35 huge floorfillas to get any party in full swing. For the full tracklisting please visit my website at To listen and download FREE please visit Again, thanks for your continued support over the years and wishing you a great 2008. DJ Muzik-AL...
..ESTAS AQUÍ: Veo fluir mi desdicha en las sombras larguiruchas de los paseantes y en el beso forzoso de unos enamorados bajo la luz de una linterna en lo alto. La vida se acorta cada segundo y se hace interminable el desarrollo de esta misma escena que se repetira una infinidad de dias. Y de pronto estas aqui para amortizar mi pena que brilla en una lagrima resbaladiza sobre mi mejilla.
THE THRESHOLD OF THE VIGIL (EL UMBRAL DE LA VIGILIA): In the vast plains The wind blows soft and continuous. The brightness in the sunset… It is absorbed by clouds away Based on the horizon, I am only in this location - I don't transfer me - I am standing with eyes half-closed, Feeling the softness in the body that is prompted by the arrival of sleep… - No sculptures or bumps or curves -
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