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'The One' R&B Reggae Pop Beat (DRAKE x PND)
Reggae Beats
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title: Lion
Taken from the UK ENIGMA EP
title: UNSC AI
UNSC AI is featured in the Xbox 360 promotional video "Faces Behind the Games" at E3 '05
Not for Sale!
artist: Michael Dias
Delirium with My voice and the Voice to my friend Seb...
artist: Funky Junkie
FREE DOWNLOAD! Don't sniff that sh*t! Funky Junkie on the Controller.
artist: PEEK(ackod)
180 B.P.M Dnb/dark jungle/break track . # 1 in subgenre Jungle (highest position was 1)
title: Jungle Hop
A fresh beat with that George of the Jungle feel but a Hip Hop drive like nothin else!
artist: Smashed Toy
OLD SKOOL TOURNEY. FINALS TRACK. Don't think its all that old skool but its defo jungle.... f*** it, its going
artist: dreamlogic
title: Convergence
Progressive Jungle. My first attempt.
artist: Pierce
mp3 store : China in my mind
He becomes an anti-social criminal, break and enter, car theft and graffiti become his world. Alcohol and drug
artist: AMB Recs
rolling the ish
artist: Databass Net
Deep, atmospheric Jungle with crystalline strings and piano melodies, and a plenty good dose of old school fla
artist: Sci1ence
Ragga Jungle, experimental
artist: Katyusha 13
title: Echo
Noise Jungle Techno
artist: Liquid 1
DJ axiom swung over when I first was getting into DJing and I just recorded a set for shits and giggles. Peep
artist: The Worries
Celebrate the Taliban's surrender!
Cold Heart / Meek Mill Type Beat
Hip Hop
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"clone me now"
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"Hearts Beat As One"
**NEW SONG FOR February 2018** "Hearts Beat As One" Positive Emotional Original Electronic Dance Music. Male Vocals.
Dance!!!: If you like to dance, and you like electronic music -- check me out! I am not perfect in my ears, but hopefully some of you can help me out??? Thanks if you do listen! : )
best day at work, EVER: GRP58.. -->..timestamp-->: OH GRP58: great story from today MasterFox158.. -->..timestamp-->: oh? GRP58: this kid brings in an assload of xbox games and I start taking 'em in, and one is just an empty case MasterFox158.. -->..timestamp-->: haha GRP58.. -->..timestamp-->: but I can see through the plastic to see that someone had stashed a pr0n dvd between the plastic and the rear cover MasterFox158.. -->..timestamp-->: lmao GRP58.. -->..timestamp-->: so I jsut close it and hand it back to him saying that there's no disk GRP58.. -->..timestamp-->: his mom asks to see the case and I go ov...
jason fourty
nas and jay-z: buy koop de nieuwe cd kingdom come van Jay-z. take out the cover. if you look inside the cd holder, you see him smile(left) use that as front cover. done problem jason fourty: still searching for the off button.
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