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artist: xMxx
Very Slow, not as pretty as my newest song, Alone in The Dark, but its very atmospheric..this was my first try
artist: Pre Polar
title: Euphoria
Slow movements of evocative bass and ambient electronica elements drive the direction of this effort. An imag
artist: Ganimead
title: ORION
Ganimead takes the listener on a relaxing journey through the Cosmos.... Slow Peaceful Tempo - Light Suspense
title: Dazy Dreams
Chill out GUITAR instrumental with haunting voices.Sit back and relax.
artist: Seelenruhe
( Loose translation : The Naked Storm ( The Naked Truth ) ) Standalone piece - Fieldrecording ( background ) o
artist: Gunnthrain
Don't Be Afraid To Experiment - PART ONE : looped, detuned and delayed piano ; PART TWO : looped, detuned and
Remember me when I am gone away... Gone far away into the silent land... ( Breathtakingly beautiful Ecce Homo
Well, well, well... What can I say... The Rise And Fall Of Silence...? Part One...? Anyway, what you hear is :
title: Solar winds
From the first part of Outer Galactic Journey, 'Outer Space'.
1) Intro 2) Running Away 3) Storm of the Century 4) The Fall 5) Dreamland
artist: INGO ZEN
title: Snow Fields
You're walking/cross-country-skiing across a vast, untouched snow field with your mp3 player, the sun sending
artist: George Megas
Gazing the horizon... Nature sounds from RHumphries and Arctura: http://freesound.iua.upf.edu/samples ViewSin
artist: Carles Reig
title: Protection
Vocals Sirisat. Inspired by the Mantra 'Ad gurei name'
artist: SHIF
title: AQUA
The inspirational new ambient remix by MikelD - Mystic System enhances the guitar tracks & ambient synth moods
artist: Deosil
title: Elysium
My first experiment with ambient music in 2003.
artist: Dave Graff
title: Ambience 1
New song which will be on my next album.
artist: Kilon
Another Collab between me and Piter, this time we take a trip to the sacred land of Atlantis using analog synt
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"Ill Be Yours (Youll Be Mine)"
** BRAND NEW SONG FOR AugustSeptember 2017** Upbeat Original Electronic Dance Music *Male Vocals with Lyrics* A Parable of Love.
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HEY GUYS <33333333333333333333: Check out my myspace page, im on it more often.. SEE YAH THERE, ADD ME!!!!! www.myspace.com/onlydeezmusic.com
On we go with the "Alion Meditation" Series!: Many have asked when a new song f?r the "Alion Meditation" will be published again. Ok, two moths have passed and I know a lot of you folks out there love, for whatever reason, that series. I know this from all your nice mails AND the download stats on various music upload sites. "Alion Meditations" seems to be BY FAR my most successfull music project so far. Well, I don't get it So here's part 5. It is not as strange as, for example, part 1, but I think you'll still like it. Soon I'll publish some "behind the ...
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