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artist: DJ Shaw-t
EDM Beat! DJShawt@DJShawt.com
Not for Sale! http://www.facebook.com/maosymusic http://www.soundcloud.com/maosy
title: Reptar
He said he had black tar for a rap star destroying cities like Reptar.
artist: Axl (73)
Club spec of Can't Change Me.
artist: Happyman
A bootleg of a great track by Tritonal, hope you enjoy... Not my greatest work but it's a nice change of pace
artist: J.Future
title: Ultra
Subscribe to my youtube page - FutureVzns for more EDM release!
artist: RMA
RMA - TAKE ME AWAY was supported by Max Vangeli and Magnit & Slider in their radio shows! RMA - TAKE ME AWAY
artist: BMAS
The guy that made me sing in the first place a true Sad love story of my life with Victory at the ENDING
artist: Yahunatan
Movement is based off of Blood, found in Leviticus Chapter 17 and 19. The priest shall sprinkle it upon the a
artist: Ropatt
Pop, dance hall, club track for all those loving to dance, dance, dance!
Remix prod. by Jojo Insane. NOT FOR SALE! www.jojoinsanebeats.com //
artist: GIT6
This track was inspired by my native side of me. Sort of my version of a modern pow wow.
heavy roller, loving this one at present, im enjoying the filters probs too much
Russian artist DEREX asked me to put vocals/Lyrics on his dance track :-)
artist: Borganism
1 of my latest tracks 2017
artist: Mod Namor
title: Smart-Namor
ORIGINAL MIX-Free downloader
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DialogMusik 88 - Humming House
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end of contracts
"clone me now"
feeling low? -go lower
** BRAND NEW SONG FOR OctoberNovember 2017** This time it's High Energy Original Electronic Dance Music.
Sentinel: sometimes I lose the peace of my mind and I do not know like finding it sometimes I feel that I explode and I do not know like extinguishing me but a light illuminates my nocturnal theater a light that I have left for these moments anxious, but that sometimes is unfamiliar for me It's not necessary that somebody say me is a sentinel thought that it takes care of me for not losing the sanity and that I have settled down like a mechanism of survival, thanks to a superior power that it keeps my step through the shades....
Rest in peace QBSK: I put up some song for Felipe Lucero aka QBSK, a long time friend of mine,I met him when he was a youngster and saw him go through alot.Rest in peace Felipe.
How to get a happy new year?: The longer we live, the more we realize that happiness is not so dependent on what happens, but rather on how we handle the things that happen to us. We can't control what happens, but we can control how we react to the things that happen. If you have seen the great movie "7 Years in Tibet", there is a nice quote there from an old saying in Tibet. I want to remember this in 2010, and that will be a part of my strategy for getting a happy, new year: "There are two kinds of problems: the one you can solve, and the one you can't solve. Worrying about the first kind is of course not necessary. And...
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