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First track of the new CD "Time"
artist: Ed Drury
Ever increasing tempo and layers of ambience.
artist: Magna Frisia
Loose translation : Music For During Twilight ( Last one in a series, a full album will follow across 2018 - h
Lyrics and singing by Lokka Vox and Music arranged by Michael Thomas Huspek.
As the title says a brief moment of reflection.
artist: Musan Dera
title: Lone Wolf
"I would listen to the intro looped all day."
artist: DJ Kiwi
Minimal House - Sleep & Stuff
artist: Michael Dias
title: HUMM !
Deep Tech / Future Tech & Electro House Minimal...Enjoy
artist: Gunnthrain
Repetitio Est Mater Sapientiae Repetitio Est Mater Sapientiae Repetitio Est Mater Sapientiae : Repetition Is T
artist: Ganimead
A typical Ganimead Deep & Spacey theme. Here are the first three minutes from a much larger composition that I
If My Train Will Come... Quietly In The Night... With Its Cargo Of Souls... Will I Go...? Will I Want To...? (
artist: Seelenruhe
( Loose translation : The Night, The Rain And The City ( 03 ) - Third one in a new series. Expanding a bit mor
Second one in a series - detuned strings, drenched in feedback, delay and reverb ; a bit of vinyl, some aliena
title: Solace
Minimalist piece about slowly finding solace.
title: K 0 D 3 7
s9undV1ZNZ _ K 0 D 3 7 - i n c / / e n t . / : : : p r e s e n t s . . . /
16 Heartsynth is a melodic minimal track that is oozing wit
featuring Michael Kelsey
artist: Abolous
New minimal techno track produced this week. Enjoy ;)
artist: Soundway
techno, trance, minimal
Last one in a last series of fieldrecordings done in the 80's across the ( then mainly deserted ) harbors of A
title: No apologies
Vocoder version of electronic love song.
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end of contracts
"clone me now"
feeling low? -go lower
"Nothing Wont Be Lost"
**NEW SONG FOR MAYJUNE 2018** "Nothing Won't Be Lost" Positive Emotional Original Electronic Dance Music. Male Vocals.
Things will change with my account.: My experiment with my account on failed, and therefore I'm forced to provide more of my latest works right here on Soundclick. That means converting more OGG files into MP3 (and entering the descriptions for fifty songs potentially), just for your listening pleasure. The few who have supported me somehow, thank you, I appreciate it if you just listen to my music, whether you like it or not. It would help if you could post a comment -- a criticism or a compliment having to do with my music....
Courtesy of the Thirteenth Sanction: We hope everyone enjoys what we put up and can only hope to please those who listen to it however we will accept all comments but prefer all ill comments to be emailed rather than posted.
Rob Myers at Giza Part 2: What makes you different from other electronic artist? I'm not sure that I am all that different. I'm insatiable. I can never learn enough or create enough. I truly enjoy creating and recording music. Who had the biggest musical influence on? Prince was the musician that made me want to become a musician but it was Tangerine Dream who influenced my sound. How would you describe your musical style? I describe it as electronic story telling without words. I have to tell my story using sound. Pads, rhythms, and grooves elements not only drive the song but also must convey to the liste...
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