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music by: ESTACIONRED lyrics/vocals & film samples by: D-DAY MADCOX & NURSE HATCHET
Made with LSDJ and Nintendo GameBoy
Nothing to live for but Hardcore
For the sheer joy of it all. Dedicated to the fabulous Steve Gilmore.
170BPM mix of Morning Light.
artist: Mr Tommy
This track is dedicated to my penfriend Lucy which got married in August 8. Genre: makina, Tempo: 162 BPM
Let's go pro with Happy hardcore. This one is dedicated to a very special person in my life. She can't be era
artist: btranced
Hard beats from summer 2009 @ 184 BPM. Visit for more: http://soundcloud.com/b-tranced & http://mikseri.net
artist: Vibemaster B
UK Hardcore track with an uplifting riff and 4 x 4 beat.
title: Big firs
Jamming to a great track by the master composer Rainer Gaffrey
artist: Liquid LSD
title: Good Grief
Grief is a reaction to a major loss. It is most often an unhappy and painful emotion. It was hard to call this
artist: The Scartat
a little remix I did spawning from Dynamic's tune Bass Invader
artist: Benjamin
Hard, Fast, Mixed Genre Madness...
artist: Wendy Dunham
High energy dance tune with Rock lead guitar over happy hardcore beat.
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end of contracts
"clone me now"
feeling low? -go lower
"Ill Be Yours (Youll Be Mine)"
** BRAND NEW SONG FOR AugustSeptember 2017** Upbeat Original Electronic Dance Music *Male Vocals with Lyrics* A Parable of Love.
Once: Once Suppose You've spent your life The study of creativity Some of the great writer. Carefully analyzed his book: System of characters, The commonality of plot conflicts And so on. From the standpoint of a scientist Included even in his family squabbles And been evaluated by a quarrel with his wife. And here it turned out With cogency, One day... (Lord, Support, If it comes "One day", All diligent and modest Historians and theologians) ...That the image of the great writer Hoax. It just wasn't there. He was fictional, And the books are assembled like a mosaic. Your...
Discarded Christmas trees: Discarded Christmas trees (Excerpts) 1. Discarded Christmas trees. Forgotten winter paint (White and silver). Expected spring. And you can see it lives up to expectations And will be fine. Oblivion will bounce In their dark edge, There will be many poems and flowers. 2. Or nothing will happen?.. Will break favorite computer (God forbid). Turns off the screen. The morning will slow steps And will hide behind the door. With trembling hands Will include it again. And he turns, As if nothing had happened......
New Track List: What's up people? It has been an odd week the past 7 days. I have had a lot going with working on the new tracks, and trying to piece together shows in the next couple of months. From the looks of it I will actually be playing some pretty cool local venues that are not your normal music scene. Which has me realy stoked because I will also be doing a couple shows with Social Sniper. The new lighting effects will be in use at all the new shows also. I am still stuck on what to title the new album. I am actually considering doing a poll with the couple ideas I have and using the winner o...
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