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artist: Hypenotica
you really need to hear it to know. not easy to put into words.
Made with Nintendo, FL Studio, KAOSS pad, and Micro X controller. MArio meets D B :)
title: Mujo no Hana
The lyrics of this song are in Japanese.
Instrumental rock-electronica with Strat and synth guitar leads. The Conundrum must be solved. The survival of
artist: Fotofresh
title: FF-26MART14
When buying, you can order this song without the voice and other sound effects. Is possible any editing you wi
artist: Pumphouse
Heavy beats & acid bass line.
artist: Mr WooWoo
title: Yeper!
Hard ,have,and moving malotic drums.
HARDstyle till the BONE! Too bad there aint no hardstyle charts.. If so, this one COULD raise high. Hope you
artist: Youniverse
title: Slush Puppy
In the Shadow of a DJ
Police State 2011 - Kill For Peace! - Neo-Nazi World Order - Copyright Frank McTruck 2011 (SOCAN) - Peaceful P
artist: Black Ice 9
Instrumental track with a Middle Eastern/Egyptian vibe.
artist: Van Felda
title: Dread HousA
A Genre that Im trying to push..Dubhouse is not really a well established category of tunes..Heavy bass lines,
#4 in Modern Jazz & #12 on SoundClick.com's Progressive Metal Charts. A jam that turned into a "Zappa-esque" t
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New School
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"clone me now"
feeling low? -go lower
"Ill Be Yours (Youll Be Mine)"
** BRAND NEW SONG FOR AugustSeptember 2017** Upbeat Original Electronic Dance Music *Male Vocals with Lyrics* A Parable of Love.
Andrey Klimkovsky & Igor Kolesnikov | "Rock" | Experimental session: To find evidence of our previous studio meeting I had to run through three pages of this my blog back - so long ago we were not going. I even considered it - nearly 5 months. But then we met again - we even know each other (but for this I had to shave off his beard). With some difficulty, but we are even (!) Remembered how to do it - as included synthesizers and then how to use them ... But I'm joking and brave, but really I was asleep before the session of 3 hours (almost a week in a row) and was a musician and a stretch of three marks. By the end of the session, I generally fall aslee...
shit..!!: oh well... banned from the SC forum...was a long time coming i suppose..!! *smiles* i will miss the banal sh** that can be found there... oh... and yes... the rules too..!! be well..
FORMAL PRISON TO TWITTER USERS En MEXICO: VERACRUZ (CNNMexico) - For broadcast messages on the Twitter social network, two people could be sentenced to 30 years in prison on charges of sabotage and terrorism in the port of Veracruz. The third court of first instance issued a detention order Gilberto Martinez Vera Maria de Jesus Bravo Pagola. (http://mexico.cnn.com/nacional/2011/08/31/auto-de-formal-prision-por-terrorismo-a-2-usuarios-de-twitter-en-veracruz) Users of social networks were appropriated by the local Veracruz attorney accused of "terrorism and sabotage" after they were allegedly responsible for psychosis planted last Thu...
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