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artist: Elvis Carden
Elvis Carden Performing "Lay Me Down (Draped In The Red White & Blue". Promoted by Jerry Mac
This song was written in 1989 and recorded in March, 2016
Byron Kuehl- Tacos Pescados
title: I like Dogs
This song is about Man's BEST friend; Dogs. We love them. We feel like Dogs are MUCH BETTER people than a lo
A collaboration with Tom Peterson.
Dixie Chickish Song about growing up, sung by Cheryl Aranda
Never thought I'd write a cowboy song but then again I've been spending much of my winters in South Padre Texa
My home town, North Adams, MA. A bluegrass flavored tune.
Just did this for a laugh but I do like the sax in it Google "cliveymacdougall" ," blue on shock" or "cliveyx
I saw a tall ship sitting in a field 57 miles from the ocean. There was a wood cross in the ground beside it.
artist: Gordon Wood
Words and Music by Gordon Wood. Recorded by Phil Bird at Birdsroost Studios, Cheltenham, UK. Released November
artist: Bodiemusic
Co-Written with Kelly Sines, Bodie - Vox & music 08-09-17 redid banjo with a good condenser mic. 08-18-17 Rem
artist: Sunset Poet
ONE NIGHT STOLE FOREVER Song 2 of 7 (in a story) Lyrics,Musical Structure, Lead vocals, Guitar solo in instrum
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Christian Country
"Carry My Tears (Remix)"
MMissary a husband and wife team Country to Country Rock to Light Pop for vocal music and Easy Listening to Alternative for instrumentals
Whisky Dixon
Alternative Country
"Jonny my friend"
We are a country rock band with a future in the industy so look out.
Vonee Rose Music
"Red Wine & Honky Tonk Lies"
Songwriter who writes most of her own music and records in her home studio using a keyboard and computer programs Enjoys cowriting with other artist Queen of Country Heartache was cowritten with Juanita Ford...
News of John Lord's Songs: Hope I can put this on a SoundClick page, but a blog's a blog, aint it? My song "Have Another Drink" has entered the Pop Top 10 over at Broadjam! Wah-hah!!! The only higher Broadjam chart than this is the World one - I'll keep you posted... And it's also hit No.1 in Broadjam's Central Europe Top Ten and is back at No.1 in Belgium, after a long stint there last Autumn. URLs:- John, July 7, 2007....
new vilage wildwoodflower
New Bluegrassband in Sweden: A few new friends met for the first time last weekend and played. Like to know if we could play together. Went over expectation and we shall soon play again. Has already been first occupied in a few months
gerti blackwell
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