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artist: marc fedak
picture of Pixie and sound samples courtesy of Jackie Fedak
artist: Joe Muldoon
How three lads spent their days fishing, skin diving and spearfishing all summer long on Long Island Sound.
Dana Jordan performing MAMA LOVED THE ROSES being performed by Al Kessinger. Promoted by Jerry Mac
artist: Jerry Mac
Jerry Mac performing a song, "America Cried" that was written by Al Kessinger.
artist: Graham's Cat
GBZX61600059 That haven of evasion
From country artist Kelly Ann Wilson's debut album "Sunshine" (2008) 2008 Kelly Ann Wilson ; All Songs registe
artist: Dyalock
A song that suddenly wanted to come out, while I was playing around with some bass lines. The tune and lyrics
A Happy Blend of Country Stride Pianos and Harmonicas (Harps)...Plus Bass and Drums Backing.
Very slow sad song about finding out that a partner has been telling lies. Movingly sung by Kevin Bates
Words we've all said before, "I shoulda...I wish I woulda...I wish I coulda..." The song tells a story of how
artist: Brian Walton
Party at the honky tonk! Be sure to check out the Music Video.
artist: David Derbes
A fun kind of love song that incorporates some moon magic.
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Whisky Dixon
Alternative Country
"Jonny my friend"
We are a country rock band with a future in the industy so look out.
oldtoad gil
NAFTA,Hilary,obama, mccain, free trade, Canada, USA: my views on politicans stirring up sh** about Frre trade during USA Presidential elections Folks here's how free trade works 1st Major USA corporations move jobs to Canada, to their branch plants here 2nd Branch plants in Canada operate 6 months to 1 year and then are told we are not productive and cost effective, 2 weeks later notices are handed out layoffs occur, plant closed 3rd if its automotive jobs are sent to Mexico if its telecom hi teck jobs sent to south korea and india if its manufacturing all jobs sent to China please ask the canidates wha...
maria daines
London Film Premiere Meat The Truth: HI all, had a great day today, we were invited to the premiere of 'Meat The Truth' & it's a brilliant film, we took lots of pics & clips as it's not often we can get out together on a day off & we enjoyed ourselves big time! Video here - The film was hosted by the Vegetarian Society for the start of National Vegetarian Week and it covers the important subject of mass meat production affecting climate change, I hope you'll see it as this was the first date of a world tour and it will help to educate people to the suffering of animals and t...
Indie Country Showcase at The Nashville Palace: We will be having our next Indie Country Showcase at The Nashville Palace in Nashville, TN on Saturday March 14th. Artists will each be performing their 4 best songs and showcasing their talents to numerous record label executives, talent buyers as well as to publishers & writers looking to have their songs cut. If interested please visit our website at; for complete information and to see some of the talent that appeared on our last show in April 2008....
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