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artist: Jaiz
Download this song @ A comedy track abou
artist: MyndsEye
It's all about the food.
Music can be funny & fun...if the right image/feeling is conveyed. And so with this Wacko Song as Promo for t
artist: Tony Quinn
Donald Trump Written By Tony Quinn And Yvonne Quinn (c) 2017 A&YQ Music UK Comedy RAP Take 117
artist: Tom Neilson
commentary on the right to breast feed in public
artist: Cosmos II
title: Digitized
Short ditty complaining about the conversion of images of real life into digitized form.
artist: ZAN THE MAN
My crazy excuse for everything. Video on YouTube.
Tongue in cheek Rock 'n Roll deification of Elvis. I was invited on an all expense paid trip to Memphis for El
I feed' em what I can
title: Hound Dogs
Well, I took the dogs for a walk around and was listening to my new tracks on headphones and, all of a sudden,
artist: Dr Lakkis
Stixoi: Vladimiros Theodoridis, Enorxistrosi: Lefteris Matapas, Hxografish: MTPS Studio
A prequel to our popular performance of the 'Jedi Drinking Song'
artist: q4lyfmore
title: Dim Sum Girl
by Jenna and Sarah
title: Daisy
A groovy psyche pop song about a cow
artist: Ganimead
Hurricane Frances passed leaving my Florida home in a terrible mess. At the beginning you will hear the actua
artist: acomplexkid
title: Late Again
The story of my life
artist: Alan L Cole
My CC's July 15th Great Outdoors' Player Submission.
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Revenant the Sequel
Who is the REAL Revenant? Part II: I can only say that some people can approach me as strangers and by the first few moments I have that "feeling" that I can or can not trust them. It works this way whether it is in person, by phone or Internet. I had originally thought it was based on body language, pheromones, speech patterns or some other physical "tell" as poker players call it. That does not stand up to the ambiguousness and the anonymity of the Internet though. I will not speculate on the possibility of a "6th sense" as I think that speculating on the identity of Revenant stretches sensibilities already. To just know that...
freelion productions
This week a new song: I have been working on a song since yesterday and I finally finished with it just that I still have to record it so very soon you will hear the song there is story to tell about the song but i will not say now because it will make you know what is going on in this world so I will like you to llisten to the song your self and keep it secretly to your self.
Revenant the Sequel
Star-Crossed Lovers - Queen of Hearts pt II: Well, it was the winter of 1986 when I first laid eyes on Wendy. A pretty girl with features of a beautifully drawn fairy, I may not have fallen in love at first sight, but I definitely had a strong interest. She was the best friend of another girl who my best friend had a crush on and, invariably, both of us would be drawn in by the other two so that each side had a sense of support and a "second" in their duel of hearts. Though our friends flirted with each other and occasionally went to movies or other things (always with us along) their relationship never seemed to blossom, but unbeknown t...
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