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Safe House
New School
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Tain't Bubba: Redneck Bubba died in a fire and was burnt pretty bad and the morgue needed someone to identify the body. So his two best friends, Daryl and Gomer, were sent for. Daryl went in and the mortician pulled back the sheet. Daryl said,"Yup, he's burnt pretty bad. Roll 'im over." So the mortician rolled him over and Daryl looked and said, "nope, ain't Bubba." The mortician thought that was rather strange. Then he brought Gomer in to identify the body. Gomer took a look at him and said "Yup, he's burnt real bad, roll 'im over." The mortician rolled him over and Gomer looked down and said, "no...
:@:@: guys sooo pisss me off. GIRLS never date your bestfriends brother, cause it just starts alot of sh** . like wtf ! . ugh ,. im pisssssssssseddddd. i love how my boyfriend is blaming me for things i did no do like ,. first of all . if u dont have facts why blame someone for something. like ugghhhh.. my hearts pounding . UGHHHHHHHGGHGGGGGGDFGJFGCLJVBGKLM GLFJNM GHLFKNFGKLLNJ :!@:@:@:@:@:@:@@:@:@:@@:@:@:@:@:@:@:@:@:@:@:@:@:@@:@:@: i hateeeee guysss i doo i doo i doo i doooo i fuking DOO,...
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