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När Nelly beter sig illa ringer en rektor hem till henne
Permission to feature this granted. If you need any prank calls for intros or skits, email sales@emotionlbeats
artist: SpayCat
We found a dead body
artist: JoshPranks
Subscribe to my youtube channels @ joshjak, jakcomedy, and jak'd
artist: Quinn Amp
Plan Be circa '95
Zetai mordhotar en tant och får världens avhyvling av kärrngens gobe :)
Big E at 50,000 watts.
title: Prank Calls
This shits the sickest prank calls you'll ever hear! We did this shit when we were telemarketers. more of thes
Late night on Mission street with Flaco Thres at a pay phone. Smoking a chewy stick.
title: HoToys
Ho Toys Chinese Restaurant.I claim to want to buy a toy for a ho~!~!~~!IT"S HILLARIOUS
The iProducers
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Klever Beats
New School
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Revenant the Sequel
No One Gets Out Of Here Unscathed...: Hello, I know I've been letting everyone down lately: not blogging as often as I have; several half-ass jobs on the more recent ones; and, worst of all, I have the fictional interview I promise I will continue yet haven't. First off, the fictional interview WILL be finished and I hope to continue it as soon as I am up to it. I do listen to my friends and fans and I WANT to write it (I stopped when I stopped, that's how I write. I have no clue where I will take it but the story will drive itself and I'll be along on the ride just as you are. The difference is I'm in the front passenger seat an...
tony quinn
Swine Fever. : ...
GIANTS WIN DA SUPERBOWL!!!: ha ha all u dummies who was bettin $BIG MONEY$ that the patriots was gon' win lost BIG TIME!!!! ha yupp i was 4 da giants all da way all though i will b honest and say that i thought of changin teams durin' 3rd quarter when da score was still 7-3 patriots...i was rootin' 4 da underdogs jus' cuz dey were the underdogs and i was tired o' da patriots...but yeah close game real talk though both eli manning and tom brady were overthrowing and they receivers couldn't catch 4 nuthin' half da time but w/e cuzz giants won n da end... >[go there]     [1 comment]
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