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artist: Drumnjon
A CLICKER CLUB ENTRY FOR THE NOVEMBER 2015 "Carnival of the Animals Song Challenge" THANK YOU JEREMY for your
artist: J3r3my
all of me.. why not take allllll of me?
artist: Tom Neilson
A response to Congressman Todd Akin's comment that a woman can't conceive with 'legitimate rape.
Lasse besöker en vän och festar - Kalle lider.
artist: Darby O'Gill
title: The Cow Did
A randy joke about and randy young man with a libido problem
The song is about a straight girl who is in a limo with her girlfriends. The limo has a flat tire outside a le
The artwork for this tune is an original by *** ******* of Colorado Springs, a truly brilliant and noticeably
A dis-satisfied customer calls the local toy store.
artist: JoshPranks
I call some dude interested in Sega Dreamcast games then......
artist: Freude
title: (BD) 3
artist: BBQWhore
a brand spankin new urb-core track thats been getting requests since the first time i played it! also hit numb
title: f*** You
A personal message from us to you
artist: Irish Stout
A birthday song for those want to get laid on their on the birthday.
artist: Worm Quartet
The most evil song Worm Quartet has ever created. Recorded live with Shoebox in his full mullet-swinging glor
Funny Dakota Fanning raprape tribute filled with her films and television roles. Shadowville Productions on b
artist: RoCkLaNd RaP
sh***s bout to hit the fan ooo snapp
Cette chanson est une maquette a l'etat brut. Guest: Ron E SMiTH,voir autres titres sur
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Gummy Beatz
Sweet Tooth (Migos Type) $10 LEASES BEAT SALE!
Untagged .WAV Lease $10/Tracked Out Stems $20 /Unlimited License- $50 For Exclusive Rights - Collab w/ John Serra
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NEOLISTIC Going Live!: Just completed the new Neo-Soul album, NEOLISTIC! This promises to be a step-up from previous recordings. I pray that you enjoy each song, and let the album take you on a natural ride!
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Revenant the Sequel
The Creaking Door (or why is this guy so morbid?): Here I am an author of "morbid" tales as my dear Mom always said and believe it or not, this is my first Blog! I'm going to date myself here by saying that when the Internet boom hit I had owned computers going back to the old Texas Instruments 994a. It was basically a wannabe hybrid of an Atari Game system and the old Commodore. It played games that came on tape cassette or hard cartridge and could handle a staggering 8 kb of memory (16 if you had a cassette player attached). It was, however, my first exposure to programming. I lived happily in the Land of DOS and bemoaned its fate when Windo...
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