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Composed on a MIDI roland guitar system.
artist: Trick T Olly
This is a piece that everyone knows. Waldteufel's music dominated Balls at Buckingham Palace. This is Trick T.
title: Abba Gold
recorded by Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra
The TMEA All State Symphonic Band performs Shostakovich's Symphony No. 5 finale, from my senior year and fav.-
Live 2018 Concert: As Seen on TV
artist: NYMAN (Swe)
A simple composition for violin, viola, cello, flute and bass.
for piano, oboe, bassoon, and a smattering of strings
2002 July 1 afternoon concert Victoria Beacon Hill Park Victoria BC Canada Simon Capet conductor
artist: alaric64
For fl, trp, strings quartett, piano Five music pieces for poetry show with photographic projection. Cover des
Recorded on 13 December 2014
From the Book/CD Christmas Music for Flute and Guitar by Allan Alexander. Mindi Acosta is performing on the fl
Lots of strumming, picking and plucking in this one! Acoustic guitar, orchestral strings, piano, and fiddle.
the opening song for the 2009 TMEA Region X High School Band I. this was Nathan & Matt's final concert with th
title: The Watch
The time when you are waiting for something to happen.
2005 Show MIDI version
artist: Bicinia
title: La Rossignol
Renaissance period classical guitar duet
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Cliff Rose
"Pathetique Movement 1"
Let me play you Beethoven like you've never heard before, with guitars, bass, drums, strings, and synths.I hope these recordings of my modern arrangements will encourage young players to delve into experimenting more with classical music.
let me be perfectly clear: I'm a big believer in that everyone has some forms of hidden talent. The capability to do anything we set out minds to is there, just look for it. Some of us need a little more nurturing while for others, things just come out of no where. For me, it's finding an energy force to draw from that gives me the creativity whether musical, wood working, remodeling or my new found artistic abilities, although at a very crude level. I've never really painted anything on canvas before nor have I had any form of training. One day, I just decided to see how it might come out. The last time I did any pa...
a good start: Yesterday, I decided to kick things up a few notches and decided to get out. I'm tired of being couped up in bed and indoors for the last 6 weeks so I decided to do something about it, after all it was a nice, relatively warm day with temps in the 40's F. I didn't know how I going to be able to sit thru an 8 mile ride to my studio, but I just had to see how it was going to play out and got into my vehicle and drove off. By the time I got to my studio, I was in a lot of pain and just ignored it. It was a bit difficult getting out and having to walk up some stairs to the front door as the pai...
rough times: It’s been a rough spring and summer, while fall hasn’t been a great start either. It all started back in March as I was working out on my exercise bike. I couldn’t understand why I was getting tired and out of breath from only a half mile into my workout. Normally I do about 5 miles and don’t get tired until the fifth mile. For a while I just let it go and figured that I needed to work up slowly to the 5 mile mark, but each time I got to the half mile mark or somewhere around there I’d end up with shortness of breath and pain in my right chest. I stopped exercising for a while and then disc...
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