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artist: Evan Paul
CD: "Spirits in the Sky" A classical movement with fast fingerpicking and celtic overtones. Song is instrumen
I composed, played and sang this Waltz, and spent many hours makin' love to my K-Mart keyboard. Over a hundre
artist: Longo Bards
title: Greensleeves
Famous tune probably composed by Henry VIII - CD selling:
artist: Trick T Olly
This is one of the most famous songs of the Shakespearean age. Shakespeare included the song in his 'Twelfth N
title: Finale
Played on the Lute. From the Renaissance Poland. In the Book Renaissance Music for Guitar Vol I
One of my favorite Ludwig van Beethoven compositiions. I feel that it is one of the most beautiful songs ever
Arrangements: Alexis VAN EECKHOUT. Tenor SAX melodies interpretation: Alexis VAN EECKHOUT. Keyboards, Fender p
artist: Enaxenos
This music is perfectly combine with dramatic moments in films, videos for YouTube, advertising, documentaries
Medieval elves and trolls. Lord of the Rings, and Dungeons and Dragons. Music I wrote for the web TV series Sp
From the Book/CD collection "Renaissance Lute Music for Guitar Book/CD" by Allan Alexander. 20 Great selection
artist: OmeTheBard
title: 7 years old
Wrote this when I was seven
artist: Thom Dowd
Pain Defeats Me. 5 voices
title: Agincort
Available as a CD or also as a Book/CD. Both items have 22 pieces, the Book/CD has all the pieces that are per
artist: sensation
Classical Orchestral Arrangement. Download it to have an experience of singing with a 30 band orchestra.
title: Tordian
From the Book/CD collection "Renaissance Music for Mandolin" and is also available on just CD.
title: Canarios
taken from recital "Diyes Kwerdas"
The iProducers
Instrumentals :: Hip Hop
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Cliff Rose
"Pathetique Movement 1"
Let me play you Beethoven like you've never heard before, with guitars, bass, drums, strings, and synths.I hope these recordings of my modern arrangements will encourage young players to delve into experimenting more with classical music.
A couple of new tunes: When it comes to guitar, it's always fun to see where I end up or am heading with each new piece I create. I am beginning to have my own unique style of playing as I continue to experiment with it. It's a lot different from playing keys as I already have built my own styles throughout the years. But, with guitar, I began creating a style back in the late 60's and into the 70's and then quit playing it in the mid 70's as I was too busy playing piano and organ with several bands. It wasn't until 2005 that I picked up the guitar again, relearning every aspect of it. I have to say that It has b...
Corrado Rossi
Earthquake in Italy, my music for a donation: My new song "Helping hand" is my personal musical tribute for all the people who died and that are suffering the terrible earthquake consequences in Abruzzo, Italy. It's a soundtrack song completely free for download, just click here If you want you can make a donation (the official Italian Red Cross site) here Thank you very much, Corrado...
some nylon string smooth jazz: Finally got around to doing something on the old nylon string guitar again. I had some issues with tone,keeping the thing in tune and since it has a wider neck than an electric or acoustic guitar it's just been a bear to play especially with arthritis. So while playing around with dim 5th tuning I discovered that there is still hope for the nylon string guitar but I just needed to fine tune the idea for my situation. With the dim 5th tuning there were still a few unbearable stretches so I had to rethink it and maybe try going down to a fourth instead. Now in a full 4th tuning situation the ...
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