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artist: Pat Carr
An acoustic blues song that we can all relate to in these times of economic uncertainty.
artist: Evan Paul
A little fun....blues song I recorded a while back when internet radio was at it's infancy, featuring my frien
Song was recorded on a reel to reel tape in 1964. Sung by Dot Rainville. Guitar: Gene Dubreuil & Piano:
artist: Cosmos II
Blues song about the seemingly endless winter
artist: Guitarboy
Guitarboy-Guitars, Vocals, Bass, B3* Rick Brunetti-Drums* Written by Guitarboy*Produced by Baker Scott for Gui
artist: Osnoff
title: Relaxing
I did the guitar over a backing track found at Thanks to Pete Spaldin
title: The Everside
It's a blues story about place in Joisey - Rt 46?
artist: Daveski
A riff that came about during the test of a new guitar.
artist: jim blachura
a dark blues...with a positive theme...last track for "Yucca Flatts Meets Bukka White" CD
title: Anytime Soon
I recorded the Strat and Roland drums on one track. Then I added the bass guitar track. Next, I recorded the v
artist: Fotofresh
When buying, you can order this song without the voice and other sound effects. Is possible any editing you wi
Jude Law (aka Ekaterina) created this cool blues backing track and invited anyone to have fun with it, and I h
title: Setting Sun
A soulful, laid back groove.
This great backing track created by Jude Law aka Ekaterina, with me playing trumpet and piano.
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Live guitars! 120 BPM
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Brainwash....: People, all I ever have had was a wish of being accepted for the choices I make in my life. That friends and potential partners would respect my choices and stand bahind me if I would fail. This group I have on facebook are working hard to get me in OFF positon from Mr P.A, it seem like they will never give it what choices do one have if one wants a calm and relaxed view in facebook? I posted a video today in there,.... I am not ALLOWED to love the one I love, nobody supports it but my real friends. So I say it again.....I have been waiti...
I am in love love YOU, still :-))): Darling, PA, onefm.. from 2010 (22-02) , I cant forget you, so dont mind about the things I wrote in the blog at, I was tired of waiting and i was...and I was....I am not perfect dear :-) Things are happening around and I am having a hard time to cope with all pressure and all the things around sometimes. BUT I have certainly kept my things you said, "keep on walking".....thats good for me. Even though some may not like it (:P), I love you, and this night I downloaded your photo again, to the desktop...I am still "your little girl"...even though I am a woman. Where...
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