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artist: Evan Paul
(Vocal) A blues song using a telecaster my late friend Ted Russel built, and my black faced fender Deluxe.
title: Blue Bag
Just when this one lulls you into it's mellow, laid-back, bluesy riff, it sneaks up and slams you upside the h
This song is for The Joe 'Mama' Besser Band Contest
A Love Lost Straight Ahead Blues song for the Clickers Club 2/4/17 Blues Song Challenge @ 8PM/UK on SoundClick
Hi, I'm Jesus, I'm Old. Rhythm&Blues used to sound like this here.
title: Mean To Me
New song. Drawing by Taryn Day.
This great backing track was created by the amazing Bobby Mac. I played trumpet and piano. Thanks so much Bobb
A Song about a special lady..... Thanks to Daniel Waite for his excellent rythem guitar and slide guitar work.
Got a case of those funky lowdown snow shovel blues.... BAss, Guitar work by Daniel Waite, Vocals and Blues Ha
We love the gives the artist room to create using raw emotion...We used the slide guitar to tell th
Recorded at Pee Wee Erwin's Studio in Teaneck, NJ July of 1972. One of original originals that was also put on
artist: Guitarboy
Guitarboy's Instructional DVD at*Written By Guitarboy. Guitarboy - Guitars, Bobby 'Radar' Martin
artist: Matt Thorpe
Instrumental guitar blues - goes where the mood takes you !
artist: Pinecats
title: Let It Go
When Enough is Enough
title: HOUN DAWG
My gratitude to all who helped this song up the charts.
This song is about women who can drink men 'under the table'.
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