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This is my version of the old standard. Played on my nasty old '31 National. Mr BB Dog helped out on this on
Country Blues Song with 4-part harmony.This song went to No. 1 in Country Blues.
artist: tjwaysongs
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artist: Zythum
Recorded July 13, 2016 live at Zythum Studios - Underground Johnny - Guitar , Vocals , Harmonica
This was deleted by mistake and had to be reloaded. It is a remix with a new Octave track
The Speedway Brothers live 2014
Wrote this while I was,,,,, Homesick.
artist: Di Anne Foxx
title: Emmitt Lee
Country Blues
A Blues Harp song, great for intro's.. In the Key of G - so clean off the dust on that blues harp and play alo
Traditional acoustic blues done jug band style.
artist: jim blachura
a countrified blues...
artist: ZAN THE MAN
Lonesome is what you have when all you have is gone. Lonesome is living with only a memory and a tear. Video o
artist: Tony Done
Acoustic slide medley
artist: Hazz Jazz
My go-to vocalist, Ms. Courtney Grace, belts out the story of a woman who warns her cheating man about the con
artist: John Fiore
Good Old Geetar Picken!
A story that played itself out way to much in the old jimcrow south....
First song I wrote words and music, updated with 2nd track
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Instrumentals :: Smooth
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Winter Blues: Now that the holiday season is starting, now is my time to settle down and get into some real blues. Found a song by Ricky Fant'e called "It Dont Matter" very soulful tune if you're into that...myself, I love it. Hopefully I can find some more really good stuff and post them for you all to checkout. In the mean time,,,Happy Holidays everyone, and remember,,,,,,there are those that are alive and will never live, and then there are those that are gone but will live forever!...
Michael Dennis
Dennisty news!: After a long break it is with great pleasure I can announce that Andrew and I are set to start work on our new album. We have new equipment and now have the potential to really step our music up a level. I would expect there will be a wide array of influences and as ever it will be very much progressive! With both of us working on solo projects also, I imagine the music will be quite different to what we have created before. Watch this space!...
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