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artist: Pat Carr
Gospel Blues inspired by Blind Willie Johnson
Country Blues Song with 4-part harmony.This song went to No. 1 in Country Blues.
Classic country blues.I use the old Gibson and the Regal Triolian.The sound of walking feet is a shaken box f
artist: jim blachura
a countrified blues...
artist: ZAN THE MAN
Lonesome is what you have when all you have is gone. Lonesome is living with only a memory and a tear. Video o
A Blues Harp song, great for intro's.. In the Key of G - so clean off the dust on that blues harp and play al
Traditional acoustic blues done jug band style.
feat. Leo on slide guitar. We played in a small Cafe
title: Churro
fine TNUT backer for LPF, my '74 Banana Strat with a Kloppmann ST 67Set
artist: Tony Done
An early Bakelite Blues Band recording. Gail Jones doing nice vocals, Tony King with tasteful electric bits, M
artist: Zythum
Recorded July 13, 2016 live at Zythum Studios - Underground Johnny - Guitar , Vocals , Harmonica
artist: HEADRILL
A country blues instrumental slide song
artist: Mike-K
Having fun with another Blues I came up with :)
The Speedway Brothers live 2014
artist: Elias Graves
Latest version. Remixed for your listening pleasure.
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Instrumentals :: Gangsta
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Please stop. stop, stop: I HAVE REACHED THE FINAL OF ACCEPTANCE I have had enough of pain now, only God can care me the rest of the years I have left, I dont know how sick am I? Will I die soon, for real? I often cry, and i wonder even though i am strong. Do I have cancer out of all this? Do I suffer brain damages for life? How is it with my kidneys?? With a low income, very low,7500 sek/month I am fighting and buying tests for the blood sugar, so far it is ok. As an addition to this some have tried to claim underlying, that I have to get along with a forreigner, can it be him? The doc? My x? All are they in this gro...
link to July 4th Gig 2010: Copy and Paste this link in your Browser of a new tab and view about 100 cool July Fourth Photos of 2009 http://s199.photobucket.com/albums/aa152/sssjungle_2007/OFarrell%20St%20Block%20Party%20Annual%204th%20of%20July%20Event/?albumview=slideshow
Corporations Are Not People!: While my studio undergoes a massive upgrade, I'm posting my latest, begging all of us to stand up to the invasion of corporate control/destruction underway on our wonderful planet, "eaarth" Corporate power is destroying our living space, polluting and plundering, buying off all power brokers who should be stopping this. It's up to US to Stand Up! They don't care... they won't stop... it's as if they were an alien invasion determined to terraform our world for something new, as we WON'T survive their climate changing trajectories. Derrick Jensen begs us to treat them as an alien invasio...
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