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artist: Evan Paul
title: Reflections
CD:"Spirits in the Sky" A bluesy feel to this song with celtic overtones, it is played by classical guitars, b
artist: Tom Neilson
Louisiana is losing its bayous and their communities to the fossil fuel industry.
artist: Bellegante
title: CraZy
Just messin' around & this came out.
title: The Gun
"Hey Johnny, Whered ya get the gun?"..........
The Band's theme song written by Dave Rubin in 2008.
Mike Marshall/Kurt Lewis Neufer collaborate on a great backer by the incomparable Bobby Mack for the CBC Thank
artist: Penny's Scar
Mountain Monsters.... Dedicated to all of you outdoors Men.
Vocal, acoustic guitar, trombone and flute regarding R.D. Laing's "sane reaction to an insane world".
title: Blue North
You get only one chance
artist: Reggie Miles
This song is an acoustic bottleneck Folk/Blues murder ballad, inspired into being via an actual event that too
title: Irmas Blues
tribute to my mother in law
Written for The Old Guys Rule Company and all of us "Old Guys" over 60.
A co-write with Erik Kuhn, (Hooker Green) a fine German Blues artist. It was my first attempt at writing lyric
Completely acoustic no microphone no amps
artist: Le Bassiste
It's all in a name....hope you like!
artist: jim blachura
title: Drifter
walking blues
artist: Adam Wojcik
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A little Late Night Fun ...: This is about as close as you are going to get to me doing a political blog. "Larry Flynt announced he's making a porn movie with a Sarah Palin look-alike. John McCain called the idea offensive. Barack Obama called it inappropriate. Bill Clinton said he'll reserve judgment until he sees the film." --Conan O'Brien "This is the first time an Alaskan has ever been on a national ticket, and it also might be the last, depending on how it goes. So across the state of Alaska, all eyes were on the debate. Pipeline workers set aside their wrenches, trappers dropped their beaver pelts, whalers...
Classical Music: I just wanted to let you all know how much inspiration the music world have given me and I have begun to start playing my piano again. Performances at small restaurants are getting me my self-esteem back. Thank you for all your continued efforts in the music world. We can make a change with our music! Aloha nui noi!
strychnine kid
Talk about a mouse trap! Check this one out!!!: This sure ain’t your father mouse trap. The days of spring-loaded, inhumane mouse-traps are a thing of the past. Enter the Rentokil RADAR mouse-trap. The Rodent Activated Detection and Riddance system gets with the high-tech times that we live in. Like something out of a diabolical 007 movie, the RADAR system uses lasers and pressure sensitive floors to detect the presence of pests - which triggers the closing of the door and a measured dose of carbon dioxide to humanely off the mouse. And, in keeping with the high-tech theme, the RADAR mouse trap will notify you via SMS text message when i...
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