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artist: Evan Paul
title: Reflections
CD:"Spirits in the Sky" A bluesy feel to this song with celtic overtones, it is played by classical guitars, b
artist: Bellegante
title: CraZy
Just messin' around & this came out.
title: The Gun
"Hey Johnny, Whered ya get the gun?"..........
artist: Penny's Scar
Mountain Monsters.... Dedicated to all of you outdoors Men.
title: Blue North
You get only one chance
The Band's theme song written by Dave Rubin in 2008.
Mike Marshall/Kurt Lewis Neufer collaborate on a great backer by the incomparable Bobby Mack for the CBC Thank
artist: Mike Coulter
Rough Demo from 12.6.13
Vocal, acoustic guitar, trombone and flute regarding R.D. Laing's "sane reaction to an insane world".
title: Here & Gone
There's a pair of guest slide guitarists on this acoustic blues. Pinedog added resonator guitar and Geo Ballen
After an introductory couplet, this is a blues that starts with Mary Davies' piano, gains mandolin and then ge
artist: Minimack
This is a song my mom wrote and recorded back in 1989 in a bathroom on a cassette deck .... Hope you like it s
artist: Pinecats
A song about the pitfalls of excess
Co-write with Erik Kuhn of Germany about being truly happy with who you're with and not tempted by others.
n j buckingham guitar/vox
artist: arellSpencer
TAMPA RED type twelve bar for the purist or first timer.
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I feel so bad to see..: that YOU have been fighting since the year of 2010, to destroy the love I have for mr P.A onefm 2010, to see that all you are working for is to try to copy my life, try to make copies out of it, to try to steal my ID. I dont love you, but you are forcing me to love you by arranging things around, braking into my apartment, taking my clothes (or...was it just a psychological test to see me react??) Its not the first time people are in our apt, it was in 2007, probably a man with a main key as the dog acted too bad against him, like hate whn he saw him in the door. The dog have never acted like ...
The beat goes on...?: Whatever... But some things I don't understand...why they (the singers in the band) whine about stage volume but won't take steps to correct our stage mix. In my opinion, we should be using really small a little Fender Blues Jr for me...and keeping the stage volume really low and then put a mic on it (or run direct for bass/keys) and controlling our mix out front... But when that idea comes up, the response is...well, the vocal mics are picking you guys up so you're already "in the mix".....I mean WTF? Isn't that the whole problem? We're "blasting" on stage and bleeding...
Neanderthal Nation: Nobody stands up for Neanderthals. Any time someone is derided as backwards, they are called a "Neanderthal." Linguists and anthropologists are unwilling to believe they had language even though there is plain anatomical evidence that they did. There are the remarkable things they did, too. 70,000 years ago, in the Harz mountains, a Neanderthal tribe created glue from Birch pitch - to do this, they had to heat Birch sap anaerobically to a precise temperature - something precise and technical enough they could not conceivably do this without language to pass the procedure on from generation ...
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