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A Christmas Trubute to Elvis Presley. Rights acquired from the Harry Fox Agency Backing Track, organ and fema
artist: jim blachura
blues version slowed way down
artist: John Seibel
title: proud mary
I wanted to do it this way
A more upbeat tune from a gig at the local American Legion. Another example of none of the band but the singer
artist: BKent
Cover tune, backing provided by Bashlin, with Plain G on vocals, myself on guitar.
artist: tommybagnell
This is one of my favorites. I'm just getting over a cold so its a lil rough around the edges. I'll probably r
artist: Dragondicer
IMPORTANT: all songs which are marked with "tribute" in their titels are NOT(!) my songs, I did not compose or
Recorded live on a Zoom HD2 at The Woodstock Inn, Woodstock, MD August 2011...
a Beautiful Bones cover of a great Bill Withers song. Recorded at Brennan's Bowery Bar. 4.17.2010. Dave Mill
title: CrossRoad
My own version of an Old Blues by Rob.Johnson
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Instrumentals :: Smooth
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Still alive and ....: well, it's obviously past summer and I still don't have the CD finished, so I'm trying to package a 6 tune "EP" of what I have tracked, mixed, and mastered so far. Check back for more news.
New directions: Hi fans and others On second thought, it surprises me that I have got so many teachers during all these studies I have made during the years, last in 2005. Nobody have EVER made complaints in me, pointing at anything showing that I would be psycho sick. I have had high marks, out of 7 topics I had highest marks in 5 of them, and the last two topics, next highest marks. In all jobs I have worked, I have got very good marks and mentions. I have had a good moral in my jobs during the years.... Can they really be wrong, ALL of them? When will people begin to understand that this is a f...
issuu 3 light from ARTWALL E-MAGAZINE ...
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