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artist: GE Baldwin
Line-dancing slide guitar track, for the ladies..
Original song recorded 9/5/2015
Ever Have A Feelin,' That Something Watching You?
artist: NYMAN (Swe)
From the album Night Shift
artist: Gary Cain
title: Twang Strut
breakneck blues-infused madness!
Recorded using Warmoth VW (C5 Bridge) Screwdrivers and Keeley Phaser for Rhy. Hamer studio (36ths) lead. Twe
artist: Stockwrock
i always try to turn negatives into something positive. this song was inspired by a recent encounter with a r
artist: Bob Meredith
Another jam to test the new VST modeler software (S-Gear) from Scuffham Amps. This was the Smooth Lead preset.
artist: Keith Barron
Demo sound clip of my 1968 Fender Vibro Champ. USA American series strat straight into amp. No distortion or o
artist: Finnski
title: Bluesmann2
A heartfelt blues too Swampman's super BT. Thanks Cuz!
artist: JakeJ
This is an updated version..
artist: DirtVille
This is a practice session recording, so the quality is a little bad, and there are a few hiccups, but we will
title: Waiting
This is the updated version with keys added, it also was remastered.
artist: Matt Jacobs
Spaced Out Blues...
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Instrumentals :: Hardcore
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Ariadawna Willowsweet
new song.....WHEN SHE WORE A DEW BRACELET: finished vocals for my song..... Its titled SHE WORE A DEW BRACELET ....its so sweet and magical.. it will transport you to a magical dreamyland in mist....and rain and thunder and rainbows.
Ariadawna Willowsweet
ive a new one, with Vocals by me, Faunaserene and Drums by Drumnjon!!: Ive a new craft creating wire trees.......and Drumnjon and I have a new tune together... its called A TREE OF WIRE.... I added vocals and harmonies to his drumtrack and I added music to his keyboards...Its technically a progrock song instrumentally....Now its got a classic rock flavor to it but its my signature stuff...ENJOY... BLessings to all.....Faunaserene and Jon how I love your drumming on this track........
Ariadawna Willowsweet
New one with Andrew Arrington called IN THE VALLEY OF THE GIANTS: Friends Andrew and I have a colab...Mr Arrington was kind enough to let me write lyrics to his original instrumental song Valley of the GIants....I wrote lyrics and sang upon the track adding vocals and harmonies....Andrew your guitar work hear is a shining treasure to behold...I love this song thank you again for allowing me to sing upon one of your great tracks....THank you from the bottom of my heart.........
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