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A happy, bouncy song, recorded on Gary's newly completed Marshall Stack. The new bottom cabinet is adding a me
This is the last song on the fourth ep by Michael Dot Dot "The Crown'd King" "August Born"
title: Gafe
A powerful tune about how bad girls are. Enjoy (and don't get mad).
artist: Bulb
This song is the reason Alex Bois and Bulb should not be allowed to touch recording equipment.
Quirky drums, bass and guitar driving the tale of a 'den of iniquity' where dodgy things may or may not occur
artist: mattio
title: Joe's Song
My Uncle Joe died in the hospital on Feb 1, 2003. This is a song I wrote. This song with Evan SB on mandolin
artist: Lemon Yellow
From lemon yellow's new EP "The Soundtrack Of Our Lives"
artist: The Castoffs
title: Love Is
Technical melodic pop-punk song. Woo-hoo, another one kids! ..
artist: krajn
title: Dubbelmoral
Money rules the world.Things get shallow.Hard to swallow Its :Double Standard
title: Kulang (FRT)
Originally performed and recorded by Front Row Ticket.
artist: Marijuanal
i don't care- is thunderous punk rock with electronic stuff. it encourages to never give up despite life can b
artist: The Smivets
Ah the 70s. Great tunes, shame about the clothes.
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Oliver Southgate
Alternative General
"I Left It Up To You"
Rock with some heavy hip hop beats.
This is how I'm gonna record tracks for now...: I was gonna record my guitar parts and layer multitracks of my guitar parts. And then, add vocals. And leave the drum tracks out and omitted for now. I was listening to Def Leppard's "Pour Some Sugar On Me" from the original master recording tapes on YouTube by a hobbyist music producer on YouTube, which only featured guitar and vocal tracks. Honestly, it sounded really good. So I can sketch my music when recording on Magix Music Studio 12 on my Samsung laptop, and not overproduce anything early on. In true one-man rock band fashion, I could be producing and recording a mixtape or demo compila...
It's official...: Since I no longer live in Antioch, California since August 2011. Always gonna be an awesome former hometown. This could be the last time you will see Heavy Sigma at #1 on ReverbNation's local punk charts. But making music isn't about being number one or popularity or money and sh** . It's all about what goes on in your heart and being passionate about it....
What I have left means a lot to me.: I might not know who my real friends are. And there's a lot of phony ass f*** ing people who treated me and my girlfriend like sh** . F*** them. But I'm happy with my life and happy with the few friends I still have left. And I am in a band, making some money at my job, and live in a nice house with awesome parents. What more can I ask for? Having Faith as my girlfriend and the things I do have in life are the best thing that ever happened to me....
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