Don Coda
Gotta Move On *Live Guitar* (Kodak Black type)
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This song sounds best on good headphones.
title: Sycamore
John Pfeifer- Vocals, guitars, synths, drum loops, music & lyrics; Matt Scott- synths, percussion
artist: FR MUSIC
title: Machine
All instruments & vocals by F.R. except lead guitar by M.M. Written, arranged & produced by F.R.
artist: Faunaserene
Since June of last year Ive had insomnia..baaaaad.... all my sarcadian rhythms are all off cause of this...I s
artist: Bellegante
title: Tomorrow
1st Take - Short Version
artist: Ganimead
Interesting vocal collab of my original composition "Beyond the Stars" Remix by '7beatstreet' - Vocals: Dan Al
Acoustic unplugged song with a message...
artist: Austn
Song 'bout what we all know 2 much of, but R we doing anything 2 help???...
This song is my remake of our closer in "Palmer and the Push". The subject matter is something one might view
artist: Penny's Scar
title: Your Poison
Our Crazy Government
title: Save Me
A long lost love you never got over comes back into your life just when you are in need of love again, wonderi
One of Edgar Allen Poe's poems, A Dream Within A Dream, re-arranged and set to contemporary music.............
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Oliver Southgate
Alternative General
"I Left It Up To You"
Rock with some heavy hip hop beats.
Special Talent: Hey, I wanna tell you 'bout my special talent. I often have strange accidents. In january a volleyball hit me and I had a concussion and headache for months. Two weeks ago one nerv was clamped and I can't move my leg. Now, I've got something with my neck so I can't move my head and it hurts terrible. But the main problem is that I can't play guitar. But one good thing- I can listen to music and that makes me feel better. ...
Ontogeny Recapitulates Phylogeny: or Ontology recapitulates Philology Baby steps. Someone once said the way to get through a difficult, fearsome or daunting task was to take baby steps. That's misleading, though, because if you've ever watched a baby's first steps, they are lurching, inelegant spastic motions that only seem to accidentally achieve their desired purpose. But then, isn't that what Darwin really meant?
New video short - "Lift to Open": At only 19 seconds long, it's too short not to share. On the Dollar Bill video page, or copy & paste this link:
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