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title: Eh' Steve
Written for everyone I know named Steve. You are all so cool.
We tried to get a wet pavement sorta feel. This is another serious song (We wrote some serious stuff in the e
artist: Korma
Scientists say mankind can be traced back to one African mother. Wallace Pryor: vocals, acoustic and electric
title: Be my Friend
Space Monkey Mafia, Wayne Paycheck, Noble & McQueen check them out!!!!!
title: Crisis
Hard ska/ska-core tune shit recording/vocals
Skaain' it up to de max! ave' some
title: True hate
Our first song. Recorded on the 6 of february 2005 at Wank Deluxe studios, Coepnhagen
artist: Ska-ker Moms
Demo from our upcoming Running On Empty CD
artist: Romulan
feat. frown and mental
artist: The Bollocks
title: Skank
A song good for opening shows. Really cool.
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Oliver Southgate
Alternative General
"I Left It Up To You"
Rock with some heavy hip hop beats.
Making money outside of music?: I am assuming many people on Soundclick have paying jobs or make their financial livings and necessity outside of being independent musicians who are unsigned, for whatever purpose they're doing and presenting the music online or in their region or where ever they're at. I've been told many times growing up, I had to find a decent way of making money and do music as a creative side and pursuit. Which means...I have to find a real job that would keep me financially stable and necessities covered. I never was discouraged from making/playing/pursuing my craft musically, but I knew it was some...
GinNger SparklezZz
I love to sing this song :D: "Missing" really takes me back to my teen years!!...
bitch from diva
Bitch From Diva......BREAKING NEWS: Hello everybody, Well, amazing news today. b*** From Diva was contacted by pfizer, the makers of VIAGRA, and found out it loves our song "My Friend Ed" and is seriously considering it for a SEX PILL commercial that could run nationally. You may remember some of Viagra's silly jingles like, "Viva Viagra" [lame] Listen to "My Friend Ed" and see if you think it's a good fit, no pun intended, for a Viagra commercial. Also, even more unexpectedly, "American Entertainment" called our song "Sunrise" SONG OF THE YEAR, saying "Sunrise' should get Grammy consideration. It also said anoth...
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