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A happy, bouncy song, recorded on Gary's newly completed Marshall Stack. The new bottom cabinet is adding a me
artist: Makeshift3
title: Irish Sky
This is the last song on the fourth ep by Michael Dot Dot "The Crown'd King" "August Born"
artist: Bulb
This song is the reason Alex Bois and Bulb should not be allowed to touch recording equipment.
Absolutely no offense intended. I wrote it years ago thinking it an interesting subject to write about.
artist: The Coils
title: Supermouse
About a boy who's real mum has gone and left him and his new one gave him no Supermousse!
artist: Astina
Rock from Bali - Indonesia. Performed in Balinese language.
artist: VMP (USA)
title: Ass Kisser
A little dose of some silly fun noise.
artist: Baesj 74
Song about dying
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Dirty Laundry
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Oliver Southgate
Alternative General
"I Left It Up To You"
Rock with some heavy hip hop beats.
I just FOUND a Magnavox 4-track recording studio in the junkyard!: Basically I always felt my band & music in Band of Asians was supposed to be a musical project/group that made music on a computer application and using real musical instruments we picked up at Guitar Center. During the time we spent in various recording studios in Daly City and San Francisco, we spent $4,500 endorsing computer gear and guitars at the music store and not to mention our studio time recording our studio album "Revenge." If you heard Band of Asians' band & music comparing the versions of how our music sounded for "Revenge" and our upcoming album "Buy Product" on our musical resum...
heronimo sehmi
Yehudah Pritt Sehmi sings Jerusalem: Some Great Acts - If You are in Jerusalem- come and join us in a nite of superb music hosted by Yehudah Pritt Sehmi
Patrick Lew Throwback -- First Patrick Lew Biography (2002): Well let's see. This is how the story of the band came to be as a manufactured J-Rock band that looked straight out of an anime on Adult Swim on Cartoon Network. One day, a non-conformist Asian guy by the name of Ryosuke Kandachi was sitting in his room thinking of starting the biggest rock & roll band in the J-Pop music scene thinking, "Man, I wish I could make my own J-Rock band with a masterpiece pop album." And so he tried making electronic J-Pop music by using a really complicated computer program called Fruity Loops and it didn't work. So he posted flyers outside the bulletin board at hi...
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