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"Sad remnants of almost love long lost time and a word resurected." This take has slightly better vocals and
title: Radiate
An upbeat power pop song that is great for driving. Hit# 1 in Alt Power Pop. Buy or stream Samsara's "Heart S
artist: Cosmos II
title: Chills
Lively song about a lover that sends chills down your spine
Angels...Unconditional Love...Forever...
artist: Paul Barnes
A different type of angel!
artist: Andres Gallo
title: Improv
Trying out my drecording device.
From the album Glenn Palmer Howard and Friends. Palmer and The Push ... Spike Burlison, guitar, bass, vocals .
title: We Live
A rock presentation of the human condition through the ages and a celebration of our present chaotic, self-des
title: Right Now
Alternative Power Pop song with a hint of Motown about the end of a relationship and moving on.
title: Calm Seas
...Wishing the simpler days of your life had not run out.
artist: Marie Miller
title: Playground
'Playground' FULL' Single released in 2005.Reached the heady heights of no 2 in the MW club charts in that yea
I wrote this sassy, 'chikk tune'. To record it, I used all parts on keyboards,and then I sang the song. I act
artist: Austn
title: Count On Me
The title says it all for this powerful ballad...
artist: The Sequins
Indiepop - Rockabilly
Rough version of a new song.....
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Oliver Southgate
Alternative General
"I Left It Up To You"
Rock with some heavy hip hop beats.
Patrick Lew's Decade of Awesome (pt. 2): But Patrick Lew isn't just any ordinary musician. Forming his one-man band along with various garage bands he played guitar in, during 2001. Him and his former bands Band of Asians and Silent Minister were a bizarrely strange yet informative interesting phenomenon. Him and his bandmates produced song after song, steered rock and roll in their own way eccentric and unique lively path, and caused scores of fans and haters to scream and faint. While his popularity was not always high to a degree, and his music wasn't always appreciated or accepted by the norm and mass media. His strong pers...
Michael Vick's Buried Pit Bull
I'm back if anyone gives a s..........: Thanks for the three dots on my map whoever you are. There have been no dots for three days so that is cool. When the problems of life converge with the problems of death, then you have a serious problem and unfortunately death always wins. Problems are supposed to be solved, but the problem of death is only solved by those who have already experienced it, and they are not talking the last time I checked. So here's a toast to the grave. When I die put me naked face down in the casket with "f*** you" tattoed on my ass. god bless...
nhox: Hom nay hok nc voi anh ca? ngay`,gong` minh` gan` het' 1 ngay` ,thay' nguoi` nhu ko con` suc' nua~, dung' truoc mat anh, chi muon duoc cham vao anh, om lay' anh....em se van so'ng du` ko co' anh, nhung so'ng ko co' anh ,em cam thay nhu dang song trong ac', biet bao thang ngay`...., em ko the dung` yeu anh , mai mai ko the?....sao e buon` wa'...
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