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artist: Cosmos II
title: Chills
Lively song about a lover that sends chills down your spine
title: Radiate
An upbeat power pop song that is great for driving. Hit# 1 in Alt Power Pop. Buy or stream Samsara's "Heart S
From the album Glenn Palmer Howard and Friends. Palmer and The Push ... Spike Burlison, guitar, bass, vocals .
title: We Live
An upbeat, melodic celebration of human existence through the ages and a reflection of our present chaotic, se
title: Lost Time
Early Pink Floyd influences to go along with more current Polyphonic Spree influence. A great mix of styles br
artist: Andres Gallo
title: Improv
Trying out my drecording device.
I wrote this sassy, 'chikk tune'. To record it, I used all parts on keyboards,and then I sang the song. I act
artist: Austn
title: Count On Me
The title says it all for this powerful ballad...
artist: SpicyMild
Recorded at the Urban Audio Clash in St. John's Newfoundland 2005
artist: Chad Yochum
"Someone's coming. Look Happy." Final song off the demo. Hope you enjoy.
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Oliver Southgate
Alternative General
"I Left It Up To You"
Rock with some heavy hip hop beats.
Looking 4 Local Musicians @ City College Music: I know this is random of me. But I feel like I want to play in another band now since my other band Power Trip just broke up a few days ago because singer/guitarist Cory doesn't live in San Francisco anymore and now I am a solo musician without a job playing guitar in a band. I take music pretty seriously even if I can't play guitar like a mad virtuoso shredder. I said in many blogs about my music and stuff that I am still an amateur musician. And I need someone to be patient with me to jam with me when playing music for fun. I can be pretty nervous when jamming with certain musicians who a...
Dexter Rotten Information: HISTORY 2000s Taiwanese musician, artist and songwriter Patrick Lew, has been promoting home recordings of music he created via Internet since 2001, and has played guitar and other musical instruments in two local Bay Area rock bands. He spent much of the decade, chasing his fame and opportunity for his music in the international music industry by playing gigs locally and consistent promotion of his former bands and solo project’s music online. In early 2008, his former band the Band of Asians had broke up after a dwindling roster of musicians/band members and dramas in their music careers...
Guild Wars: ...
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