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GOODE/SKOPICK PROJECT with drummer, Dave Goode from Mahogany Rush. This is our Meanest, sickest Dragon, yet.
artist: Trick T Olly
This song is, one of 21, from my Second Booke of songs.
artist: Austn
title: rock my soul
We all have been here...
artist: Makeshift3
title: Sugar Pill
A Heavy Alternative Rock song about the human condition. Buy or stream Samsara's "Heart Set on Fire LP" now at
artist: Andy Loose
title: Good Times
This one goes out to all my friends !!!
artist: Momentum
title: Killing Me
Off our new album! Check it out!
title: 30 Seconds
More of a grunge song. Composed and recorded really quickly. Did it in 2hrs(recording, editing,etc....all).
artist: acomplexkid
"I demolish my bridges behind me... then there is no choice but to move forward." -- Firdtjof Nansen
artist: aego
title: Ghosts
a little hope on blue Monday's
Just a few words from this old wizard. Outroduction for my Song of Angels series.
From the opening track 'Corporate Pollution' with it's churning guitar riffs and political sneers the track se
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Oliver Southgate
Alternative General
"I Left It Up To You"
Rock with some heavy hip hop beats.
yIKEs: Wow just got the power back and checked into SC, an hour before IKE started in Galveston my daughter and I were swimming at the pool, having a great time, friday was a beautiful day, sunny warm a breeze, not a clue in the world of what was coming, the strangest of all is what my friend told me, that he went out at 3 am and the eye was passing over, he looked up to see the moon, and then hell's fury picked up again, the trees that were pulled up by the roots was the scariest part. glad to still be alive, who knows why we were spared....
Sounds shite: well, I keep trying to get that perfect mix song and sound but its hard. The really good songs come along every now and then but usually accompanied by some sonic difficulties with one or more instruments, even the voice. Adding compression works wonders and another half hour spent on eq. It's wearing my down.
Don't know how to get my beats?: Hey this is Griffin I know some of you are asking how do I buy your beats. If you go to you will see on the right side that is a Pay Pal App. Choose how many beats you want and if you have a paypal you shoud be good. If you still confused contact me at 770-809-4117
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