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artist: Tony DeLecce
Truly the emporer has no clothes if you look hard enough. Made up story of a girl who finally sees what has b
title: I Repeat
Nasty tame?
A #1 Hit! When you fall in love with someone and you want the world to know!
artist: Trick T Olly
The music is progressive with a few interesting chords. The lyrics are well worked and head toward poetry.
artist: Tim Green
Written & Produced by Tim Green, Feb 2013. Vocals, Acoustic Guitar and drum programming by Tim Green; Bass and
Song of encouragement to believers in Jesus Christ, through times of trials.
artist: FindDani
With a lot of tears and the best place to hide them is in the rain.
artist: Grand Jury
Music:Thomas Moore;Lyrics,Vocal:Amy Caldwell, Instruments,mix-mast etc.,-Juri Rosenfeld
artist: VMP (USA)
An oldie but goodie we still enjoy, the girls sound so little!
artist: danielgomez
for experimental uses only!!! I love this song. I wrote the lyrics and the vocalharmonies in 2002. this music
My Beatles tribute after a trip to Rishikesh... piano and guitars and things... CD This Precious Moment from h
artist: Bright Spark
Bright Spark's semi-concept debut album was released March 2007, receiving rave reviews. This is the title tra
artist: ikonoki
because of love is from 'tierre natae'.
For fans of Coldplay and The Cure; this is Braving the Void's signature track.
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WaltzOnThaSlap (TWaltz)
Need It
Beats General
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Oliver Southgate
Alternative General
"I Left It Up To You"
Rock with some heavy hip hop beats.
Woohoo!: "Duck" has recieved some great success, hitting 47 in Rock General and 234 in Rock! We're all really pleased here in Spam. We're of course sorry for the actual duck that inspired the song (Alex witnessed the events described in Verse 1) but the song is doing grand which is fabulous news. Even better news is Lara has finished her vocals for "Somebody Love Me"! We'll be releasing that track in around 3 weeks so it receives proper mixing attention as well as getting its artwork finished. So keep an eye on this space. Loving the SoundClick community as always, -Spam...
bun` : sao tu nhien hom nay thay met moi wa'...chuyen j cung hoksuon se het...moilan suy nghi hay nhin ve fia truoc xa hon mot chut thi tum lai chi thay mot mau xam xit....cuoi`....gan nhu ca tuan nay ko cuoi`,thay' cha'n wa' ....van yeu thuong rat rat nhieu...nhung sao trong long e ko the du.ng lai niem tin da mat? e luon luon yeu anh, chac chan la vay...nhung e ko co hy vong, ko tin tuong j ca...luc nao cung vay, luc nay`, e cam giac minh luon fai kim nen, luon gia tao....co ko de boc fat cam xuc cua e...du la chuyen j xay ra thi bay gio, e luc nao cung vay...hoi hot...e muon co lai cam giac ngay n...
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