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artist: Jack Hassall
This song is made it to number #1 in the UK Indie chart in January 2002. Yet another song without words
artist: FindDani
There has been a lot of tears and the best place to hide them is in the rain.
artist: Trick T Olly
The music is progressive with a few interesting chords. The lyrics are well worked and head toward poetry.
artist: Grand Jury
Vocal:James Clark,Amy Caldwell,Lyrics:Dawn Sinclair,Music,arrangment,instr.playin'/programmin',mix-masterin'-J
artist: The Chills
this is a love song for PeepingTom
This is our song for the soon coming Welsh revival
When a relationship isn't working out after a period of time, then it's time to part ways.
artist: The Smivets
title: Distracted
Sorry, what were you saying?
artist: Tony DeLecce
It's Never too Late to start anything. Today is first day of the rest of your life. New Song March 2016.
The kites are flying these days .... this is the 4th song in less than a week. Well, this one is a bit differe
artist: DaLer
title: Magic Level
Voice: Taylor Thompson Guitar/Keys: Nate Chrysler Lyrics/Music: Damian Lertora.
Produced, Music & Vocals: John Daubert. Upbeat Pop/Rock. Home Cassette Recording.
artist: Tim Green
Written & Produced by Tim Green, Feb 2013. Vocals, Acoustic Guitar and drum programming by Tim Green; Bass and
artist: SKIVE
title: Lonely Man
Lonely Man 2.2.78 is what the title says. I wrote a storey about a lonely man in a relationship and they were
Follow the money.
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Oliver Southgate
Alternative General
"I Left It Up To You"
Rock with some heavy hip hop beats.
total emptiness
Doors Keyboardist Ray Manzarek wrote: nice music: woah Ray Manzarek, the legendary Doors keyboardist just visited my page, listened to the music and actually left a comment! Awesome! Listen to his new project with Bal; Atonal Head. Highly recommended!
no hand path
Foedus Aeternus zine: Foedus Aeternus zine Issue #11 of Foedus Aeternus zine is out! And it comes with a compilation CD that includes No Hand Path's "The Deepest Journey", along with tracks from 12 other bands (Epidemia Mortaliis, Horrors Of The Black Museum, Gnostic, Devaster, Impureza, ...)! The zine is in french. ALSO, our webpage is -finally- updated!!! Check out the interview at Putrefactive Effect zine (FRA) here. Cheers!...
Music is a job. But where's the dough?: Even though making music doesn't make me actual money, it does generate some merit of recognition for me however. My job as a musician is mainly a non-profit thing considering this factor.
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