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artist: Tony DeLecce
Truly the emporer has no clothes if you look hard enough. Made up story of a girl who finally sees what has b
artist: Trick T Olly
The music is progressive with a few interesting chords. The lyrics are well worked and head toward poetry.
artist: FindDani
There has been a lot of tears and the best place to hide them is in the rain.
artist: DaLer
title: Magic Level
Voice: Taylor Thompson Guitar/Keys: Nate Chrysler Lyrics/Music: Damian Lertora.
artist: nevermet
reminiscent of the cure and new order, a song about self reflection.
artist: danielgomez
for experimental uses only!!! I love this song. I wrote the lyrics and the vocalharmonies in 2002. this music
Classic Rock style ballad with British rock style orchestration played entirely by multiple trombone tracks.
Ian Dury meets Roxy Music
artist: Tim Green
Written & Produced by Tim Green, Feb 2013. Vocals, Acoustic Guitar and drum programming by Tim Green; Bass and
artist: Grand Jury
Music:Thomas Moore;Lyrics,Vocal:Amy Caldwell, Instruments,mix-mast etc.,-Juri Rosenfeld
title: Britpop Band
An ode to Britpop...A rollicking pub singalong song too (I hope). Guitar is spacey reverby Verve style.
artist: Crab
title: ICU
artist: ANDYF
This was first penned by Kyle Robertson and I plus Deborah Ivri added the rest! Hope you enjoy
artist: Bill Wright
How about a little fire, scarecrow? This is my original alternative rock trip down the yellow brick road. A #1
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Oliver Southgate
Alternative General
"I Left It Up To You"
Rock with some heavy hip hop beats.
Radfax Frequency 2009 Tour: Wed 28th Jan 2009 RADFAX @ The BULL & GATE On stage 8.15 PM 389 KENTISH TOWN RD LONDON NW52TJ Reduced entry tickets printable at RADFAX
lonely planet: In the 70's, Carl Sagan and others sent up a golden record of the Sounds of the Earth for alien civilizations to find, but will they? Hear the song from the Schwa Sound, copy and paste this: to get the whole story, will we be found? A lonely planet with something to say.....
music web: We’re part of a big pool that exchanges musical ideas. You write music that is made up of little bits and pieces of everything you’ve ever heard. We’re like a long chain of songs, one leading to the other, but all our music is linked together by what we’ve heard before. I see music history like one idea leading to the next, each artist influencing the other. Each artist drawing on inspiration from others and crafting his own music under the influence of the music that came before them. This track makes me wonder – If you could erase everything you’ve ever heard and start over, would y...
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