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title: CREEPER
Twisted and perplexing instrumental, that's heavier than $hi#!
A personal tribute to musician Bill Nelson. A journey using 12-string semi acoustic guitar, 6-string electric
It's Friday, it's 4:30- and everybody else is drunk. Joel Edwards -- Perky bass; John Pfeifer--Lead and backgr
title: My Life
Guitars and sweet words... an ocean of emotion -- from the debut CD 'Hop In'
artist: Faunaserene
We all have em... memories.. and they are all bittersweet when all you have are those memories.......
Its long echos of a war that happened long before we came around ~
title: Generations
Anthemic guitar/synth choruses with verses depicting shifting generational conditions.
Johanna- Lead & acoustic guitars, Vocals, Keyboards, Bass, Drum sequencing
artist: Bob Kelly
I wrote this song about a young girl that is trying to find out where she really fits in the world. My produ
artist: TarnationUSA
(Bass, Guitar, Vocals - Tar Nation) (Drums, Guitar - Glennbo) (Guitars and Keyboards- Polymod)
Posted revised version. All original content, All Rights Reserved Robb Michael Inglis North Crest Music RMIS
artist: Pedestrial
title: Masatine
A bit Schizophrenic this one, acoustic guitar and strings laced with discordant distorted guitar
title: baby lust
possibly the most offensive song ever written
artist: Adrian Davis
Themes for the up and coming movie NIMBIN!
artist: breath
title: breath
its a cover of pink floyds breath off darkside of the moon
One of my stranger songs, but I like it a lot.
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Oliver Southgate
Alternative General
"I Left It Up To You"
Rock with some heavy hip hop beats.
GinNger SparklezZz
Cool YouTube Find!!: This is from my favorite late 90's/early 00's cartoon which aired on CN called "Samurai Jack"! It was the best toon that has ever graced a telivision screen(in my oppinion : )) )! I love Jack...he is the best! Loyal, Thoughful, Kind Hearted, Spiritual, and is Strong; Mind, Body & Soul(cute too) ; ) ! It was more of a show for the older kids(teenagers)...he has the best toon theme song aswell!! I've watched him every single night since his debut in 2001...well they haven't ran it in awhile now : ( ! This is from a favorite epasode where jack dresses as a Kandi Kid/Raver to distroy DJ Sa...
GinNger SparklezZz
Been my all time favorite HH track since I was maybe 12.: I have a remix of this with "Get on the donkey". I couldn't wait for this to come on the radio, and would wait all nite to hear it when my fav DJ was spinning. Thank U Dance Works!!!!!!...
Paul Mcilwaine
Nu Blues: is the title of my new track for August 2008. This is the final version of this instrumental. Make sure you play very loud!!
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