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artist: Evan Paul
title: Eklektika
CD 'Eklektika' a laid back groove with R&B overtones, a classic chillout tune, very ecclectic.
artist: MyndsEye
title: Tell Me
This song crosses different genre lines in context. It's a nice groove vocal tune with lots of syncopation, co
...three angels with faces like whores...
i feel ashamed but only in my mind i... don't ever say it or show it in my eyes no... sometimes i don't even
artist: Gunnthrain
Processed drums, sequenced synth sounds, and looped and detuned guitars. Nothing else really. Spoken word come
title: No Condition
Positive, possibly naively hopeful uplifting song.
artist: Bellegante
title: Song 4 U
This song is for all of you out there in the SoundClick world.... Thanks for taking the time to listen to My T
artist: ryined0nze8
title: incomplete
for you love...WITHOUT YOU ---> my life is INCOMPLE...
title: One More Day
Kind of an eccentric ballad with some heavier punches in the chorus.
artist: Steve Ison
Song uploaded to enter Nov 17 Muse songwriting 1plus1 comp
artist: Austn
title: 2012
Another day or the start of weird, magical, astronomical triggers??? !!!
artist: RAY GARCIA
title: My World
Dedicated to my Wife. For the FREE Money we all give!! Demand A Cure for CANCER!!
A song written for Michael Duran's birthday, Michaels, thanks for being such a great friend.
artist: Ganimead
This is the longest remix that anyone has ever done to one of my songs (9 mins) Very interesting effects with
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Oliver Southgate
Alternative General
"I Left It Up To You"
Rock with some heavy hip hop beats.
dan clepper
Visit me at..:
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music for children: When I made the album flow, I had the most adult listeners in mind; people who need to experience the mental state of being in flow in an otherwise stressful life. But I've since received much positive feedback from parents, who play the album for their children because the music is very soothing to them, too. Meals are eaten in a nice, cozy atmosphere, where flow plays in the background and children fall asleep at night to the music....
Thoughts of the Underrated: 3) Riot = I came a long ass way as an Internet musician. From the day I first got an electric guitar at the Guitar Hut and! The early years of me playing local shows with my high school band, such as our infamous 2002 "Battle of the Bands" gig for this one music contest. For all the unsigned local bands to get the prize by playing their music onstage. At age 23, I have done a lot of things in my life. I created up to 170 recordings of original music with my former bands and solo artist. But something was missing. I felt I never got much respect or appreciation in college, school, my music and ...
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