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Off my 300 song debut CD "The Definitive Collection of Outlaw Son" - NEW RECORDING!
What a lot of people in English music would like to say but have careers to worry about. Nuff said. Tribute to
title: ANGER
Shane:guitar vocals. bass: martin mcguill.drums: ian waters r.i.p
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Oliver Southgate
Alternative General
"I Left It Up To You"
Rock with some heavy hip hop beats.
Patrick Lew's Decade of Awesome (part 3): New influences were also apparent in their trademark heavier sound and approach. While the band's early songs and ideas owed much to the J-Rock and Nu Metal bands they listened to in high school at the time like Dir en Grey, the new ones sometimes reflected the stylings of earlier contemporary artists from the 1990s such as Soundgarden, Helmet, Tool and early Korn. While there were no vocals or lyrical song writing in this new record, leaving the whole CD as instrumental musical creations due to lack of time to come up with vocals for the recordings. The band was sort of in debt with Patri...
Le~ ghet thuo*ng: mot ngay` ...tu luc nao do em nhan ra anh da tro thanh thoi wen cua em mat roi,ngay kho^ng anh la mot ngay khac khoai,em dem tung giay dong ho,thoi gian troi that cham.....tu biet la yeu anh nhieu lam,nhung em lai hok muon de anh bit cam giac cua em,suy nghi~ cua em,em luon muon tron tranh ,em luon muon phu nhan moi thu du biet la vo phuong.....em luon co cam giac so hai~,em so em lam xao' dong cuoc song cua anh,em so lam vo~ tan khoanh khac binh` yen cua anh,hanh phuc cua anh cu nhu the'...roi em so. ca? anh,em so noi chuyen ,em so gap go~,em so. o ben anh.......em ko binh yen khi em be...
I am NOW making Video Game Music! Part 2.: When Sega Genesis was launched in the NEXT GENERATION Video Game Industry in August 1989 (followed by Super Nintendo in 1991), most sounds and music you heard in games from GameStop and EB Games used MIDI and digital soundchips inside the hardware of a Sega or Nintendo gaming console. Arcades were still pretty HUGE at the time because back in those days, Video Games at home on PORTED versions couldn't duplicate the technologies that Arcade Games had. It wasn't probably until when Video Game Consoles began using CD-ROM instead of Cartridges in 1993 when the 32-bit generation of the gaming indus...
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