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artist: Ghoul Detail
I play guitar in Syrinx with Ed (guitar etc) & Dave (bass etc). This is something that came out of one of our
artist: Stargazer 21
Seashore thoughts by the Ocean of Dreams
artist: Nag Hammadi
Live at the Bottle Tree, Birmingham, Alabama
Dollar Bill: guitar, synth, bass, piano Matt: vocal, synth, drums, piano
title: Who Are We?
Mystical sounds convey the age old questions. "Stargaze" would be a more fitting genre name if it existed.
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Oliver Southgate
Alternative General
"I Left It Up To You"
Rock with some heavy hip hop beats.
Is This Thing Still Working?: I had a stroke on Jan. 2010 and have not been back here. I could not read or write for awhile because of it. I had a lot of good friends here. I hope you are still there. I diffidently think differently to life than I did before my stroke. It is all good. Life close to death makes you smarter. I love you all. Positive Cynic
Merry Christmas!!!!: Twas' the night before Halloween And all through the castle All the Elves were complaining "Man what a hassle!" There's two months to go before Christmas Day But we'realready hearing the bells on the sleigh It won't too long before the 4th of July Is the new Black Friday, oh my, oh my So let's all make sure big brother makes money When it's Christmas all year, now won't that be funny? Just give 'em your cash and bow to the man Let the slave trade resume, I know that we can...
decaying orbit
DECAYING ORBIT BACK ONLINE!!!: Decaying Orbit is back after a long sabbatical from the online world. so we will be around to ALL of your pages to listen to your AWESOME music!!! in the last year I suffered many nervous breakdowns and was hospitalized several times for over doses and suicidal behavior. I am now on a new regimen of meds that are working. I also started skateboarding again, got diagnosed with arthritis in my hands and crushed vertebrae in my spine. I've definitely lived the good life with Willow - who I will be marrying this year. however, don't think that all of the craziness kept me from recording, the ne...
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