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Victor Salazar on drums.
Some special people have a reason for everything for they know better than you or I
The powerful union, a democrat machine, dues go to the democratic party! Fair???
artist: Trick T Olly
This is a song dedicated to Ottawa Buskers including; the late Paul Chappmen, Roger Rainbow, Dario Domingues (
title: Hotel Saigon
a song about a hotel in saigon.
artist: The Smivets
Just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean...
Written at The Surf Hotel in Chicago in 1985 by R. Lewis Floodstrand. guitars lead vocal. David Floodstrand ba
close friends far friends former and ethereal friends
xXx Productionz
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music solo: When I wander back through my old recordings I am always convinced that I should never again record music alone. I get carried away with bad ideas, and what seems great in one context sounds miserable later. I guess I’m a dork at heart and I need someone around to help me think straight. That would be my buddies. All of my recordings with them are better than any of my recordings without. When I was single and I went traveling I always went alone. The disadvantage is that there is no one there to share the memories, or share the laughs. But the advantage is that you never compromise. You g...
GinNger SparklezZz
Brush on this song from "Memoirs of a Geisha": My couson bought this movie for me a few years ago for christmas and I love it. Not sure if this is a Koto or Shamisen but I enjoy it . Japanese music has been a big influence on me...aspecially love the percussion....
Treat No. Seven: Birds In Wonderland!: Dear Birds, The final treat before the albuma€¦ If you happened to be in the little town of Arundel on this bank holiday Monday, you may have noticed a very strange looking bunch of girls (and one guy) running about around the castle grounds dressed as characters from Alice in Wonderland (if Lewis Carroll had been on ketamin)a€¦ Mishkin was the evil Queen of Hearts, Keely the cheshire cat, It was of course Birdeatsbaby on a photo shoot, so this treat is purely visual! Here are a few of the snaps a€“ the rest are up on myspace or facebook. http:/...
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