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Other Side
New School
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Oliver Southgate
Alternative General
"I Left It Up To You"
Rock with some heavy hip hop beats.
Auto-Tune in Music: My Thoughts: Does anyone who knows music, notice that, almost everything you hear on the radio like T-Pain and every other kind of music sounds obviously Auto-Tuned? My friend George thought it makes everything computerized musically sounding. While I have nothing against Auto-Tune, but to an extent. It can be a bad thing, because it artificially makes the music sound perfect. But computerized and all that. Yes you're right, George. It doesn't just happen in Rap but Rock and R&B too. I have Auto-Tune at home, but I don't mess around with it. I like to keep my music PURE, but with some pitch correc...
The difference between people who follow music and movies.: Every decade has good and bad music for the most part. But it seems like people who get into music at a certain age and time, they grow out of the mainstream stuff as they get older. Movies is different though, every year and every decade since movies were invented, there were always good and bad ones and people never got tired of watching or going to see new movies. Music is different for some people. Some people who grew up with a certain genre of music from a different decade don't follow the new stuff as much, while there are some who casually listen to both old and new. I've never heard o...
Doohickey by Pete Hautman: Nick Fashon an entrepreneur has found himself in a desperate situation. Is there really a mystery and a possible conspiracy behind the loss of his business, home, and girlfriend, even the death of his grandfather? Or is he just chasing another idea that won't quite pan out?
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