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artist: Feelz Beatz
Improvisation piano song | Contact: | Follow: @Feelz_Beatz
artist: MyndsEye
title: Paradise
A smooth flowing acoustic piano and synth instrumental with a great hook.
artist: Yahunatan
Dedicated to my Father in Heaven. Free download.
artist: Johnny Colaw
I call it "Under the Rainbow", because Dorothy wanted to leave Kansas by going over the rainbow, but she final
artist: Piano Soulos
artist: Ganimead
A haunting piano composition, inspired by my dear friend Syifa. Performed on Roland SUPER JD-990 Modular Synth
artist: spinaceto
title: DREAM
Written for the CC May 2015 Challenge "Dreamscape". Keyboard, composition and arrangement by Spinaceto.
I wanted Sinatra to do this one.....
title: Coming Home
I helped Jeff with this nice piano number. I hope you enjoy it!
artist: HASSAN
This can be used for recording vocals on top or just listening to it to relax things up. Either way, free down
title: A First Date
The story of that first date.
artist: Trick T Olly
This recording is in cerebration of the 400 year anniversary of publication "The muses gardin for delights or
This is a co-write with the celebrated songwriter Janine Max. It is a heartfelt cry and celebration of grace.
Emotive instrumental played on a detuned Blankenstein overstrung upright Piano. Recorded in one take with 3 mi
artist: Antonio Romo
From 'Good Night Wishes' (track 13)
artist: BJ Collins
A solo piano piece written as accompaniment to the "Star of David" artwork created by David Smith. Written and
title: Waterfall
Starting as a small river, the joyful sound and melody of each note mingle together in harmony and steadily bu
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Peter MacIntyre
Acoustic Rock
I play a variety of cover tunes ranging from The Beatles to Frank Sinatra and John Couger. I also perform original songs that are heavily influenced by The Beatles, Harry Chapin and James Taylor.
dem khuya !: troi oi, dem khuya anh đang nghe bai " Khong the quen em" anh nghi den em,anh nho den em nhieu lam em ah..anh buon wa,,anh yeu em nhieu lam,,sao em ko hieu anh ??sao em cu cho rang anh ko yeu em ???sao vui ve em ko muon,em cu muon nhu vay hoai sao ???anh chi cho em 1 tieng thoi,chi can em noi voi anh 1 tieng,anh se om cham lai em ngay???tim anh nhu vo ra khi nghi den em,,,,anh fai dung` lai ngay thoi,,vi bay gio em ko con ben anh nua,,,em se ko den ben anh,,,va anh se ko dc om em,,,anh ko kem long lai đc,ngay chinh luc nay day anh da khoc,anh khoc,,,,anh yeu nhieu lam,,,anh ko dc nh...
tic tac !: Hih 2 tuần rui hok co vao blog,chắc tại hok co chuyện gi quan trong lắm,2 ngay nay nghe chuyện động trời,đung la việt nam,chuyện 1 co gai ten la Hoang Thuỳ Linh đong trong phim Nhật Ky Vang Anh,1 co gai kha xinh,quay lại những cảnh nong cung người yeu,cuối cung bị thằng đo up len wed đoạn phim đo,thằng đo thật hen hạ,con dan viet nam thi xum lại chửi co gai đo,chuyện của người ta...
ANCIENT CIVILIZATION: In the year 5317 someone will dig up this “Rosetta stone” and try to match the hieroglyphs to the emojis and the debate will start. Were we an advanced civilization, like the Egyptians in their time? The debate will rage on for years and one day a lone voice will speak up. "It was a simplified language for idiots to communicate with each other". He will be laughed out of his job and loose tenure. The debate continues....
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