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artist: Evan Paul
title: Windjammer
CD: "Spirits in the Sky"A journey sailing. This fingerpicken'song has classical guitars, bass and strings.
artist: Haven Head
Acoustic tune played on the Gruver Guitars Raritan model. Sweet sound of acoustic guitar inspired by the Colo
artist: Walking Man
Two guitars and a sweet desert groove.
Think lazy Sunday afternoon, church is over, lunch has been had, now you are dozing and day dreaming as the su
title: Harmony
Two acoustic guitars in harmony, all improvised on my Ryoji Matsuoka M50 classical guitar. This is the last tr
My love expressed in music......
artist: The Woodman
Just some things I wanted to get off my fingers.
Acoustic piece, great female voice.
artist: Josef Horhay
Inspirational Acoustic Instrumental Pieces for relaxing
A passionate prayer in pursuit of His presence. The song builds to a long coda of free worship. This is the pr
title: Goodbye Look
John Pfeifer--Nylon-string guitar, vocal, music/lyrics; Matthew Scott--Twisting of knobs in the other room,
artist: Larry Holder
A Christmas song, with guitar and flute. Looking beyond the manger to why Jesus came.
artist: Jennae
An acoustic version of "The Subway in June"
title: Malentela
Acoustic Guitar and Piano mixture with a spanish accent. An emotional build.
artist: maiyia
One of the first songs that I wrote. I can't believe this song made it to number one here. Take a listen
A flowing, continuous acoustic guitar instrumental with the distinctive sound of 'electric nylon'
artist: Mark S Greer
title: Scout
A very flowing heartfelt acoustic guitar piece.
artist: Ed Drury
This was my first attempt at playing guitar and didj at the same time. You can see why I gave it up in 2001. A
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Peter MacIntyre
Acoustic Rock
I play a variety of cover tunes ranging from The Beatles to Frank Sinatra and John Couger. I also perform original songs that are heavily influenced by The Beatles, Harry Chapin and James Taylor.
I'm a ghosty
Ankh Angel Joins CVGM Internet Radio: 9-4-2010 3:45 am Ankh Angel has just finished his Uploads to the New Internet Radio Station CVGM a rather good mix of Top Ten Hits from Soundclick & some Rare Mp3's all live solo Performances with Computers & Live Recorded.CVGM means C64 computer music CVGM stands for Computer Video Game Music.Well worth the listen google CVGM & stop by & have some fun if you like it sign up as a user.
Its been quite some time.: Ive been all over in the past couple years and changed some of my bands and opportunities along the way. I moved back to Kenora Ontario and was lucky enough to get the opportunity to play with Mike Procyshyn and the Comfort in Ghosts as their new drummer, I've also recently just joined a new Metal group from Kenora called Eat My Axe Wound so i look forward to keeping you up to speed on how these new projects are turning out. Please Check out
Allison Crowe's Artist Subscription Launch: Allison Crowe’s artist “subscription” launches! It’s a new way forward for independent music-makers and music-lovers on Bandcamp – which has hosted Allison’s music for years. An artist can now share their own creative flow individually and directly (as well as being part of such global music-streaming subscription services as Spotify, Tidal and all). This subscription, for $40 USD per year, gives you all the new music Allison Crowe creates – delivered instantly to you via the Bandcamp app for iOS and Android. The music is available for continual streaming, and for perma...
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