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artist: Feelz Beatz
Improvisation piano song | Contact: | Follow: @FeelzBeatz
artist: MyndsEye
title: Paradise
A smooth flowing acoustic piano and synth instrumental with a great hook.
one of my first songs I wrote with my piano back in the 80s
artist: Ganimead
A haunting piano composition, inspired by my dear friend Syifa. Performed on Roland SUPER JD-990 Modular Synth
I wanted Sinatra to do this one.....
Gypsy lady read my fortune,she said I'd reach my pot of gold. Gypsy lady read my fortune,now my fortune has b
artist: Ropatt
Pop music written for acoustic piano, with electric bass guitar and drums added.
I new recording and performance, with a new section. I hope you enjoy.
artist: Trick T Olly
This recording is in cerebration of the 400 year anniversary of publication "The muses gardin for delights or
artist: Bill Goyette
Psalm 23. SATB arraingment by Michael Vincent Guzman
Piano Forte composed as eye am Queen Nefer-Aset-Titi-Cleo-She-Bah as a dreaming escaped of a melody that enric
artist: Marla Reid
Reflective Acoustic Piano Ballad
artist: Lena Orsa
This Christmas music creates a good mood for your holidays. LICENCE AVAILABLE here:
title: Coming Home
I helped Jeff with this nice piano number. I hope you enjoy it!
This Composition was made for a suite of 2 songs and this file contains 2 songs in 1 file. No.1 Solitude~Miss
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Peter MacIntyre
Acoustic Rock
I play a variety of cover tunes ranging from The Beatles to Frank Sinatra and John Couger. I also perform original songs that are heavily influenced by The Beatles, Harry Chapin and James Taylor.
My XMAS PRESENT FROM MY WORK! I GOT FIRED!!!!!!!!!: No seriously i did, the story is quite complicated but to put it lame terms... the drummer for my band has a very controlling mentally unstable parent and this parent called corporate on me saying that i was fraternizing with employees, the deal is that he didnt work for me at my store but he used to work for another store belonging to the same company, he showed them printouts of my myspace website... and wabam! MenO gets fired after 5 years of service and excellent results for the company in order to avoid a lawsuit i don't know i guess im not really sad about it, i think it was time for me ...
Dress for success???? really???: well i got a couple of thoughts to share today my brother last night told me something that as much as i hate it its the truth about this whole music industry deal, if you want to succeed as an artist you have to work on ur music and on ur image just as hard, i want to believe that the music part is almost down ive managed to get a little following and respect among other musicians and listeners but the image part... well... ive never been the one to spend more money than 20 dollars on a pair of pants not because i can't afford it but because i rather buy a set of strings, but I guess i have t...
Gabe Stenziano
Walkin' Along: this one features my son Dan on keyboards. Brett Service kindly mastered the finished song. remember Bruce Channel and 'Hey Baby'? sold me on harmonica solos.
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