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artist: Poppi
title: Pray
Our first piano song!!! Photo of mini piano courtesy of am.y from
artist: Los Guys
Live from the final Los Guys gig at Spike's. Good night, I think. It's kinda fuzzy :)
Phill Raymonds acoustic guitar electric lead and slide guitar by Ross Ward, bass by Johnny Harris syn/drum Joh
title: Running Away
Acoustic Rock Ballad
Improvised acoustic solo recorded in one take and unedited...
title: Comes a Time
Kind of an entro song for the Cotton album, it speaks for itself. Not to be confused with the Neil Young song,
artist: wiggymusic
If you listen very carefully, the tall ships will tell you the stories of their past. Not everyone can hear t
Wedding/Love song ballad style featuring piano, acoustic guitar, light drums, strings, with BG vocals by Vach
An upbeat acoustic rock song.
Thrill is my favourite song to play and is all about why I write. It is dedicated to songwriters, especially t
artist: Nick Havas
Drums, synth bass, and backup vocals are provided by Andre Mercier.
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Peter MacIntyre
Acoustic Rock
I play a variety of cover tunes ranging from The Beatles to Frank Sinatra and John Couger. I also perform original songs that are heavily influenced by The Beatles, Harry Chapin and James Taylor.
Sister Phyllis
Heavens Groceroy Store: GROCERY STORE As I was walking down life's highway many years ago I came upon a sign that read Heaven's Grocery Store. When I got a little closer the doors swung open wide And when I came to myself I was standing inside. I saw a host of angels. They were standing everywhere; One handed me a basket and said, "My chiled, shop with care." Everything a human needed was in that grocery store And what you could not carry you could come back for more. First I got some Patience. Love was in that same row. Further down was Understanding, you need that everywhere you go. I go...
Sister Phyllis
DONT TELL GOD: Don't tell God you are not good enough, do what He asks. Don't tell God to send someone else, He asked you. Don't tell God you don't have time to pray, He said seek me first. Don't neglect the things of God. He said we are to pick up His cross daily and follow Him. Don't tell God anything is bigger than His ability. God is the Great I Am, I am whatever you need.
Sister Phyllis
God bLess you my Friends : Just saying Hello to all my friends here Know that I am praying for each one of you and that Jesus loves you very much. We serve an awesome God and He never fails us . e is the same to day and He was yesterday and will be and He is here for each of us no matter what we may face. Trust Him in all of life's situations knowing that God knows what is best for each of us The Lord bless each one of you in His name amen sister phyllis...
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