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title: Periodically
I Roland DeVoile am the sole writer, an sole copyright holder...
artist: Chad Pike
I was blessed to be part of a reunion this summer of some friends from high school who were members of a band
artist: Dan Clark
title: Paradise
A story song -spending time on vacation ,away from it all
artist: Steve Savini
artist: DON SUITOR
Don Suitor lead vocals Steve Sherman instruments & Harmonies - Rhythmic acoustic and electric guitar vibe
title: Morning Rain
Progressive folk tune with rain as a metaphor for early life pain and trauma, written and recorded one drizzly
artist: John Seibel
title: real gone
I wrote and produced. Jim Corwin on electric guitar.
title: Stay Down
An acoustic demo recorded at Cherry Ave. Studio in 1998. Written with our first cd in mind, it didn't make it
artist: UtopiaNex
title: Darkskies
Using the lovely voice of Laura James.
acoustic guitar's, bass guitar, drums and vocal's
artist: jcmosquito
Featuring Brian Bauche (lead vocalizer) and maybe Bernie Schulte (acoustic guitar, I think - it's hard to reme
title: Hardroad
first song from my newly acquired Boss BR 1600. My son Dan kindly added the keyboard tracks
artist: Matt Thorpe
Two acoustic guitars
artist: Dan Junk
My Acoustic Style. Recorded in 2008. 2012 Mix.
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Gummy Beatz
What You Mean To Me (Original Guitar)
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Peter MacIntyre
Acoustic Rock
I play a variety of cover tunes ranging from The Beatles to Frank Sinatra and John Couger. I also perform original songs that are heavily influenced by The Beatles, Harry Chapin and James Taylor.
kit mann
What a deal: Well it's a done deal. The owners of the river boats in New Orleans is going to play my song Cajun Queen on their river boat the Creole Queen for the customers. They normally play jazz and such but they like the song so much they think it will be a treat for their customers. The did also own the Cajun Queen but after Katrina what was left of the boat was sold because they had to down size. So as soon as I get them the cd, if your in New Orleans take a ride on the Creole Queen and enjoy the music. Wow!!!!...
renee giles
BOOTSTRAP!: Hey everybody! Sorry if I have not gotten online but been down real hard. I am being scheduled for surgery and been in a cast forever. Tried to avoid surgery but ended up with more damage! My pink cast is now custom designed orange and black with eagles and red white & blue stripes. I am trying to make the best of it. just set up a new studio and plan to lay out my new songs and post them soon. I have some songs going out to the troops and our wounded vets. I also love seeing what everyone else is doing and hopefully will get a chance to say hey to all and listen everyone's music! Everything ...
kit mann
Christmas Time In Heaven is now #5 on Sound click: Oh my lord, Christmas Time In Heaven with Mary Clare is now #5 on Sound click. Thank you all for you support. I hope this song touched each and every one of you. Kit
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