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artist: Glen Shaffer
groovin tune. won second place in song of the month with this one.
just an acoustic guitar and and electric guitar with fx
artist: Paper Shoes
Originally recorded for, this was expanded by Jin Sato and is now released for your loving e
artist: Jack Strange
Produced by Jonathan Wood, Premier Song Productions, Cheshire, England (2018)
title: Periodically
I Roland DeVoile am the sole writer, an sole copyright holder...
artist: Chad Pike
I was blessed to be part of a reunion this summer of some friends from high school who were members of a band
A remake updated acoustic rock version of my 2009 hit dedicated to the memory of Susana Sutton (1978-2009)
artist: Woodpyle
title: Minds Eye
Original song
artist: DON SUITOR
Don Suitor lead vocals Steve Sherman instruments & Harmonies - Rhythmic acoustic and electric guitar vibe
title: Morning Rain
Progressive folk tune with rain as a metaphor for early life pain and trauma, written and recorded one drizzly
title: Dreamer
A song about allowing yourself to dream...produced by Karen Elstone
artist: UtopiaNex
title: Darkskies
Using the lovely voice of Laura James.
artist: Kevin Korol
title: Part of Me
Not necessarily what it sounds like....
artist: Ryan Borja
A song about saying goodbye, death, and rebirth..
by The Song Diner - vocals by James Hollingsworth (mixed by Jason Flinter and James Hollingsworth, mastered by
artist: Matt Thorpe
Two acoustic guitars
There must have been a reason I met you. Cause nothing happens without a reason.
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Peter MacIntyre
Acoustic Rock
I play a variety of cover tunes ranging from The Beatles to Frank Sinatra and John Couger. I also perform original songs that are heavily influenced by The Beatles, Harry Chapin and James Taylor.
Gabe Stenziano
Hallelujah , cover collab with Mike Bennett: Mike had the idea to do this song and was kind enough to ask me to do the vocal parts. He sent me the top notch music and all i had to do was sing. It was a real pleasure singing this popular and most unusual song. hit his picture below( fendrguitplayr) to hear it on his page. thanks
"Universal Song" by Astronomusic & Friends: The initial idea was the composition of a song that could celebrate the meeting of many wonderful people from many places from world. To deal with a big diversity of artists and styles, mixing and producing them, always with the target of creating a colorful harmony of sounds, something constructive, could not have been the easiest of tasks, but certainly it was one of the most pleasant for us. We hope you all enjoy it! Zozimo & Adrianne * * * * * * * * * * * * * I've worked with Nigel Hardy on a couple of pieces, and have come to trust his recommendations regarding "Good ...
KICK THE CAN: This is the overused phrase of the last SIX YEARS! nobama has refused to submit a budget, breaking the law 6 years running, and our cowardly ELECTED officials refuse to hold him to the law. We have to obey the laws. They do not! Kick the can...they all want to do that so they will be retired with that MAGNIFICENT GOVERNMENT PENSION. OR TWO before My America, my country, finally drops down to 3rd world status. It will happen, and it is happening now! Gas is over $3.25 a gallon and BACON IS 9.00 DOLLARS A POUND. NINE F'N DOLLAR A POUND FOR BACON!!!!! BACON IS FOOD........IT IS FOOD PEOPLE.......
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