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A glorious live music venue in Norwich was nearly lost, and this is the killjoys' song
artist: Stelvin Cap
This is very personal. It is hard to make relationships that endure. Perhaps you need to taste the fruit to un
title: Chapel
A rough draft of what is to come.
artist: Kathy Moxham
title: Tommy Green
About my mother growing up on Dallas Divide, Colorado.
title: Baby be mine
accoustic rock original
"I feel like a fool to be longing for that lyin' summer love"
Mellow Rock, Confusion Based, Audializing the Pain of Lonliness
Acoustic rock with a progressive structure written by my band The Time Circus (in the middle of a forest) and
two voices, two acoustic guitars
You cant change it, it just sucks.
artist: MITCH'n'AMY
This is a song about our Son growing up, and all of the events that led up to his leaving for college.This son
artist: Jon Wozniak
classic story of uptown girl, downtown boy... lady and the tramp... a cinderella story if you will.. but with
artist: Donny Lee
title: This Time
up-beat acoustic pop song-about young love and heartbreak. I wrote this song about 20 yrs ago. Donny Lee
Improvised acoustic solo recorded in one take and unedited...
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Peter MacIntyre
Acoustic Rock
I play a variety of cover tunes ranging from The Beatles to Frank Sinatra and John Couger. I also perform original songs that are heavily influenced by The Beatles, Harry Chapin and James Taylor.
n b peace
The Armor of God : Put on the armor of Almighty God, so you can withstand Satan’s schemes. Our battle is not against flesh and blood; no, things are not as they seem. Our fight is against the powers of darkness, with the forces of evil on high. But He gave us His armor so we can stand firm, on the Earth and in the sky. Gird your loins with truth, which will always bear out, the breastplate of righteousness wear. Shod your feet with preparation of the gospel of peace; take the shield of faith everywhere. Take the helmet of salvation to wear on your head, and the Spirit’s sword in yo...
vote for my daughters art ok : can u help me vote for my daughters artwork u may have to sign up but its well worth it she is trying to win ......this is even better then her first art she uploaded on here .......lots of detail and super creative please vote for this design she is great at art go here to vote
lies can make anyone happy....: Real life can be such a burden... sometimes i just want someone to lie to me and tell me things are ok! but i want to believe it without a doubt at least for one day.... i wrote a song with this idea/feeling in my head... its called "lie to me" under my MenO profile... take a listen if u agree with me... and if u dont then.. ur crazy
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