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artist: Strumbone
title: Lakeshore
An old hymn that goes well with acoustic guitar.
artist: James Dunnet
title: PA6
This song took a bit of time to record. I did some heavy edit work. I'm proud of the end result.
I was going for a "Windham Hill" kind of vibe for this gentle guitar waltz.
title: Double D
An original song written in D Dorian mode, thus the title.
Mellow & thought-provoking atmospheric chillout track with nice pads, synths & acoustic/clean electric guitar.
title: Flash Flood
"..Light is the color of stars in the sky is the color of blue in your eye"
artist: Dro Beatz
An acoustic song with deep emotion, and very inspiring. A must listen to. Lyrics by Josh Able, produced by Dro
title: refuge
a song seeking refuge, peace and calm from one's worried, troubled life.
artist: Cary Chilton
This the official theme song for the independent film - More Than Love
Draft of what eventually became Bungol, the song I offer to those dealing with missing a loved one.
artist: mcduffnw
Duffy Callaway "mcduffnw" on the Collings Guitar Forum playing my 1958 Martin D-28.
artist: Trisha Belle
title: TravGroove
Just a quick little ditty I came up with.
An acoustic song I worked up from my friend Paul's guitar writings
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Love Hangover Feat. William Harmon
Mz.Dyzihre is back with her single "Love Hangover" Feat. William Harmon. This heartbreak R&B ballad is a story of love and Hate. The song will release April 2018 and will be featured on the album "Femcee Chronicles ".
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Peter MacIntyre
Acoustic Rock
I play a variety of cover tunes ranging from The Beatles to Frank Sinatra and John Couger. I also perform original songs that are heavily influenced by The Beatles, Harry Chapin and James Taylor.
'Out Of The Ashes' CD out now!!: Out Of The Ashes is a new intrumental rock album by Paul Oakley - my husband! It's full of all sorts of music. Music that will take you away on journeys, some to make you smile, some to make you romance or some to energise you - great for getting going with the cleaning!! Out of The Ashes is now available to buy or download from
Sister Phyllis
CONTINUED PART 3: Isaiah Chapter 49 ... 1 Listen, O isles, unto me; and hearken, ye people, from far; The LORD hath called me from the womb; from the bowels of my mother hath he made mention of my name. (This is unquestionably Jehovah/God) ... 4 Then I said, I have laboured in vain, I have spent my strength for nought, and in vain: yet surely my judgment is with the LORD, and my work with my God. (This is unquestionably Jehovah/God) ... 5 And now, saith the LORD that formed me from the womb to be his servant, to bring Jacob again to him, Though Israel be not gathered, yet shall I be glorious in the eyes of the ...
Try Try Again Project (TTAP)
Had enough of the "holy wars" and partisan political warfare?: While the terrible storm blows over while the "religious" zealots and partisan demagogues fight for power over each other, we the people have to deal with and repair the damage they have caused, help each other, and hope that the storm will pass soon and the fools will wake up and realize their vain folly and error. But, while we we wait, we can also take action, because there is a way that real truth will liberate us from all the ignorance, foolishness and madness that plagues us -- truth that will also empower us so that we may finally replace this Theocracy and Plutocracy that now rules ...
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