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My first #1 song on soundclick! I accidentally deleted it.. so it won't show in the chart rankings.(Unless a m
purchase this for your next mixtape or album!!!!
artist: Obrian
http://obrianmusic.com http://fedarro.com
artist: Jhamez
title: Higher
When love is so good that it makes you feel like your high on drugs..
artist: Hit-City
Smooth Club Hit!!! - performed by Reggie Parks - produced by B.HOOD for Hit-City Music, Inc. - CONTACT: B.HOOD
"Get Outta This Bed" written, recorded and performed by @JuliusFrancis. Produced by Sharpsoundz. Julius Fran
artist: EL B (US)
This is a sexy song about the attraction between woman and man.
Song is available for (movies,shows,commercials,etc.) buy the new album (Secrets) today on Itunes at http://it
title: Hopeless
Another Hot Hip Hop song written produced and performed by Smidi Beats and SOUL
artist: Zamzam
Words written and sung by Waberi. Music performed by Zamzam for WaberiZamzamusic (C).
artist: Passion(SF)
title: More Of You
An original song I wrote and produced. Hope you enjoy it and I hope you get the message. Jesus loves you!
title: Tha Guide
Sexy slow song for tha ladies.(for Usher, Ne-yo fans!
artist: UniverslMa
A song I wrote for my husband. Produced by N Soul.
title: trp mzk
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Instrumentals :: Hardcore
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Sy Smith
Listen to the R&B Soul sensation Sy Smith.
Princess Nessa
xxx: am da head nd neva da tail, i am above nd not beneath, i am more dan a conqueror, ma cummin ins nd ma goin outs will be blessed, ma enemies will attack from one direction,but dey will run from me in several directions, everytin i do shall be blessed, i shall not die b4 ma tym, no weapon formed against me shall prosper!!! it jus wont work, a thousand may fall at ma side, nd 10,000 at ma right, but i shall fear no evil, only wit ma eyes shall i look, nd see da reward of da wicked, because i ave med da lord ma dwelling place, no evil shall cum near me nd no disaster shall cum near ma dwellin, for...
HeruSpeaks.com: Heru pleads, he beckons, he coaxes, he emboldens, he soothes, he befriends, Heru sings. Internal tears flowing... Heru's strength is in his sensitivity. I could say the brother is strong.... but that would be another jive cliche. Heru is our ancestors. He is their memory speaking to our consciousness. He is the vibration of their words when they spoke to the Being of Forever." --Written by Umar Bin Hassan, of the legendary poetry group, The Last Poets....
* SOME OF MY FAVORITE QUOTES *: "WITHOUT STRUGGLE THERE IS NO PROGRESS " "The Great Spirit gave you two ears and only one mouth, so you can talk half as much as you listen." "The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time." "in every way he's perfect, surpasses all of my standards.But,I dont want him.Instead,I make exceptions for another.Then wonder y the other cant b like him." -tm "He that won't be counseled won't be helped" "Leadership is greatness." " Leaders help someone achieve something they want to achieve by making them do something the...
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